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My Sister was Bullied by a Radio DJ (Transcript Included)

January 29, 2013

Hello, my name is Alex, and I have an older sister, named Kellie.  Kellie is 30 years old, and can easily be described as the most loving, caring, and wonderful person I have ever met.  She sees the world very differently than most of us– without cynicism and with complete and utter hope.  To Kellie, each and every person is good, unless proven otherwise.  Anyone who visits her, no matter how frequently, is always greeted with a “Hi!,” an endless, gut wrenching hug, and a sincere declaration of love.  My sister is truly a beautiful person in both body and spirit whose outlook on life I can only hope to someday attain.  In many ways, I look up to her.  My sister passionately loves music and dancing and growing up I remember countless times that I would open her bedroom door to find her dancing and singing at the top of her lungs in front of the mirror.

You may wonder what makes Kellie so special, what makes her story different from any other big sister you or someone you know may have? Well, Kellie happens to have Down’s syndrome. If you know anything about Down’s syndrome you know that it is something that unique people, like my sister Kellie, are born with and will live with for their entire lives. Kellie, despite some hardships and challenges she has faced, has always persevered and been positive, friendly, and happy just being who she is.


This is my dearest sister, Kellie.

On Monday, January 21st, my sister was faced with yet another instance of feeling like she was different, or that the fact that she had Down’s syndrome made her somehow less than other people. On the 21st she accidentally phoned in to Mo’s Radio Show on the Q92 Radio Station based out of Alliance, Ohio, where her manner of speaking was rudely scrutinized and unapologetically berated by both Mo and countless individuals who were “tuned in” at the time.  Mo opportunistically exploited my sister’s imperfect speech through his radio show and made her an object of amusement for all of his listeners– including people that knew Kellie.

“No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.”

Anyone would have been embarrassed to be both accidentally aired on the radio and ridiculed for something which one has no control over. What Mo and countless listeners did not consider is what this experience felt like for Kellie. Kellie is self-conscious about her Down’s syndrome and has expressed her insecurity throughout her life.  Sometimes, she will ask, “Why do I look different?,”  and other times, “Why do I talk funny?”  When it comes with dealing with tough social situations, such as speaking with an unknown person when she accidentally dials the wrong number, she will fumble over her words out of general embarrassment that all people feel in such instances.  Most of the time, people will understand, at least to some small degree, and will deal with the situation with as much compassion and tact as possible.

When it comes to dealing with difficult emotional situations, Kellie processes her feelings very outwardly.  Everyone has an emotional range, and Kellie has the capacity to become so hurt that she will cry for days.  Being the epitome of an optimist Kellie trusts and assumes that everyone is trustworthy and kind.  When someone breaks that trust, it hurts her in a way that is far deeper and more powerful than I could ever understand.  I imagine it feels like the most intense betrayal or the greatest heart break I could ever experience. It is earth-shattering.

Knowing this, now considering the reality of what happened that January afternoon, try to understand the emotional pain, heartbreak, and confusion that my sister had to feel for the sake of public entertainment.  Undoubtedly Mo and the radio studio will continue to hold on to the argument that “the ‘host’ wouldn’t have aired the call had he known the situation in advance,“ that Mo “would NEVER do this with any sense of malice,” but what other sense could there have been in this situation? Mo himself stated, “You don’t know who Mo is? Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.” It was quite clear that Mo knew what he was saying and doing was offensive and inappropriate, but that did not stop him.

“You don’t know who Mo is?”


“Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.”

Whether or not the call was made from an individual with Down’s Syndrome, an individual with a speech impediment, or some foolish prankster looking for attention, the direction and focus of the aired conversations were centered on something that is hurtful and demeaning to numerous people. Essentially, it was entirely ignorant to air the call into live radio at all. The situation would have never escalated had the “host” simply said to Kellie, “I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re saying,” or “This is Q92, I think you have the wrong number.” Whether intentional or not, this experience was real and it caused a great deal of hurt to many people, not the least of all to Kellie and it should have never turned out this way.

Luckily for Kellie, she has a strong, supportive family to help her through this time. What I don’t want to see happen is Mo or another jockey like him believe it is appropriate when “somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun.” The next child or adult to become the focus of this cruel bullying may not be as lucky as Kellie. It could easily be someone who is defenseless to the act, someone who has no one to stand up for them—a child aired mistakenly on the radio who becomes an object of mockery and bullying at school or an adult with a developmental disability who lives alone in a group home. It is never appropriate to make someone who is different from you a bull’s eye on the target of your “humor”. We try to teach our children tolerance and love, but then what hope can we have for them to adopt this mentality when they can hear and see the adults around them blatantly ignoring the lessons they teach.

The Transcript

MoRadioShow Transcript: January 21st, 2013

The transcript provided to us was very evidently edited and “spliced” together as we indicate below. We know firsthand family and friends who were tuned in that said there was a two hour time span that is only accounted for with approximately the first 10 minutes of the recorded audio that the radio station provided us. There was more said, but, regardless of whether or not we ever receive that audio the damage was done and you cannot ignore the blatant bullying that was aired.  Here is what was given to us.  M represents Mo (the DJ on Q92) and K represents my sister, Kellie.

M: Q92.

K: Hello?

M: Hello?

K: Hi.

M: Hi.

K: Can I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart please?

M: You what now?

K: Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: OK I’m Kellie Christine Baker. I talk to Kel–

M: You what?

K: Ann Burkhart.

M: You what, the who, the where?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: Okay. I want to talk to your daughter. Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Eh, Uh… I don’t want to come across– obviously you have some sort of a speech impediment.

K: Uh…no, this my voice.

M: What?

K: This my voice.

M: It’s your voice?

K: Yes.

M: Well, it’s the– I’m just saying– Don’t get angry. Obviously I—

K: I’m not angry. I’m not angry, I’m not.

M: Okay.

K: I want to talk to my friend.

M: Are you from this country?

K: Uh, I live Strausburg.

M: You what?

K: I live Strausburg.

M: You live in Strausburg?

K: Yes.

M: Okay. And, and, and speak SLOWLY. What would you like?

K: I want to talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Boy, I’m having a real rough time here.

K: Ya try this again.

M: Ye– what now?

K: Hold on…I’m get

M: Huh?

K: getting frustrated right now.

M: What?

K: Never mind. I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You want to talk to somebody?

K: Yes.

M: Who do you want to talk to?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart?

M: (laughs)

K: Never mind.

M: Hey, I can’t– I, I, I — listen– I can’t understand you. Again I can’t be the first person to have told you that it’s tough to understand you.

K: Alright, never mind.

M: Alright?

K: I’ll see ya later ok, bye

M: K– Say it real slowly.

K: Never mind, never mind.

M: No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.

K: Okay.

M: Alright, you want to talk to— do you know you called a— [coughs]. Pardon me. Do you know you called a radio station?

K: No.

M: Oh yes, you called a radio station.

K: Oh yes I did, yes I did. I’m sorry.

M: Okay, yes, well now you know you called a radio station.

K: Yes I did.

M: Yes you did.

K: Sorry about that.

M: Yes you did, yes you did. Yes, you’re talk to Mo. Do you know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: You don’t know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.

— ends phone call—-

M: Q92- MoRadioShow. Gotta text message: “hey Mo, the caller sounded like the teacher from The Peanuts cartoon”. I, I, I‘ve, been tryin to figure out on the air what the person was sayin. I can’t figure it out. They wanted to talk to somebody, and…

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carry Ann?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I have no clue. I don’t know.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I’ve been trying to figure this out for ten minutes now.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Pardon me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Care to repeat that?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carrie Ann? I have no clue. No idea.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann Burkhart maybe?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) I have no idea. Who know– what would the… the uh, the caller said she didn’t have a speech impediment– she said it was her voice, but she had skipped words. Like, I asked her where she was calling from and she goes “I call Strausburg.” You know people talk like that? I dated a girl who was Arabic and she explained to me Arabic– how it works, like they– if we were to talk in Arabic it would be like “I go store.” Or, “I get dinner,” I mean it’s like really odd. Like how we speak, “I, I, I’m gonna go to the store,” “I’m gonna go make dinner now…whatever” it’s like she was explaining Arabic– it’s like that. That’s what she said, she’s like, “I live St— I, I, I live Strausburg” or “I Strausburg” and then I dunno, I kept asking her who she wanted to talk to?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who knew— Kelly Ann Burkhart? Possibly.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) ‘Scuse me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) Who? Who knows? (laughs) WHY? Why did you put me in this position? I don’t know what you’re saying– I apologize. New music on the way from Panic at the Disco—it’s new Taylor Swift and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It’s Q92 and Mo Radio Show.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92 Mo Radio Show [gives contact info]. Q92, Hello?

Caller 1: Mo?

M: Yes.

Caller 1: Hi, I’m uh, calling in regards to the caller that called in. That you said you couldn’t understand.

M: I tried really hard.

Caller 1: It sounds to me.. I’m in the medical profession–

M: Yeah?

Caller 1: …It sounds to me like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Nah, I don’t think so.

Caller 1: You DON’T think so?

M: No, I don’t think she had Down’s Syndrome.

Caller 1: It sound like she has maybe a little bit of a hearing problem. I’m not sure, her speech is… it’s not clear, but to me– I’ve been around enough —

M: Yeah.

Caller 1: Down’s Syndrome people to– And she does sound like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Like I said, I didn’t want to come across like I was pickin on the person. Now somebody just texted, the said that uh, “people that are partially deaf talk that way.” I’ve TALKED to people who are partially deaf, that sounded like a speech impediment. To me.

Caller 1: (laughs) It didn’t come across to me as that…

M: No?

Caller 1: Yeah, it does kinda sound like she does have some kind of hearing loss and um maybe a little bit of some Down’s Syndrome, so…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: That’s just my opinion.

M: Okay so, just– I didn’t know what the hell she was sayin. So, and then of course I’m sitting there goofing on it and I’m just waiting for it. I already got a stupid text message here, and all “Mo she sounds like she’s mentally retarded- Take it easy on her,” and ya know it’s like—

Caller 1: No…

M: Whatever.

Caller 1: No, I think she has Down’s or a hearing problem, so, that’s just my opinion– only because I’ve been in the medical field and I’ve heard people that way…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: So, okay?

M: Alright. Cool. Thank you.

Caller 1: Alright, thank you.

M: Yeah, bye.

I don’t know what to do in that situation. Like I want to have fun and goof around and everything else but I also don’t want to uh… I actually, I, I don’t want to have meetings. “What did you do on your show yesterday Mo?” And not that that happens very often, but, this whole thing! Hey I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, I go, I can’t even do radio anymore cause I’m so paranoid. I’m so freaking paranoid about what’s going to offend the person that I can’t even do a radio show anymore. I mean I couldn’t believe all the people that were offended by my breast feeding comments, a, a week ago. I mean I, I was astounded how many people where offended by that. It’s like, ya know– and then I gotta sit there and wonder: Oh, is the wrong group going to uh, come after me? I uh, this whole world we’re livin in man, you take the fun away from life, you really do. You take the fun away. You can’t even crack a, a tasteless joke anymore without people up in arms and offended and everything else. They come calling for your job. It really ticks me off– radio ticks me off lately. It’s like I, I, I gotta sit there and I’m walking on eggshells. And I’m still considered a controversial jock and I’m walkin on eggsheslls! 300 comments. People calling for my job because I was kidding around about breast feeding and compared it to public urination. People were calling for my JOB. My livelihood, cause I made a goofy, funny analogy. I can’t even do this job anymore because of that. Come in here and just tell you the news and intro and outro songs. There you go. It’s the way I feel lately. It’s just it’s it’s the way I feel lately. Stupid radio business. You don’t know what’s wrong, what’s wrong … hey, here we go, here we uh here too, “Dude, seriously get off it, it’s getting offensive.” Hey-Hey whatever, there ya go, see, I can’t peop– I can’t do a radio show anymore! I can’t do it. I can’t have fun anymore. Doin this job. I’m uh, Imma have a meltdown in about a two minutes. I gotta go. It’s Q92.

—Playback cuts out—

M: … Text messages coming in: “Hey Mo, calm down. You’re a great guy, if no one can take a joke they don’t have to listen to your show.” “Still love your show Mo.” “Mo don’t get discouraged people need to lighten up.” See I nee– you gotta understand something alright? I understand that. I totally get that. People do need to lighten up. You need to understand the context in which something is being said. What’s happening is this… all this anti-bullying, this… uh, PC stuff is ruining entertainment. I really believe that. It’s ruining entertainment. It’s ruining what I do… what a lot of people do. And ye— ya run into a dilemma… when you know what you’re capable of doing and… you just can’t do it. You, you can’t do it anymore. Eh-uh- it just– the, the, the radio industry just is what it is, man. You know what’s funny is back when I was younger and I got in to the business I didn’t care. I just did whatever I wanted. Now there was good and bad to that. The good was– it was FANTASTIC radio, and I know there’s plenty of people out here who love my show now and I greatly appreciate that, I really do. It means a lot. But, back when I first got in to radio it was damn good radio and I didn’t care and I went out and I did whatever I wanted and it was fantastic. But, the downfall to that is– you get fired. You get fired. So, when I was in my early 20s I didn’t really care too much about uh, my future, and money, investments, bank account, things like that. Now that I’m in my early 30… Yeah it kinda matters a little bit. Uh, Just a tad. You know, so that’s it, man, that’s all it is. So when you do something like I do and you want to go with your first instinct, you know, like the first thing that pops in your mind, you know it’s gold, you know it’s good, you know it’s gonna make 99% of the people laugh. Right? It’s gonna be funny. But there’s that 1% of people that are going to be very offended. And unfortunately in this business, I mean listen if you’re a comedian you gotta deal with the same thing. You’re doin a television show like Family Guy or whatever you do the same thing. The

difference is most of these comedians, like uh, Dane Cook and whatever, he’s a multimillionaire, he don’t care. He doesn’t have to care. He’s a multi-millionaire. Like a show like Family Guy or whatever, it’s a multi millionaire, they don’t care, they couldn’t care less if you’re offended. Multimillionaire. I have to care about that. So, I gotta take into consideration that 1% of people– it doesn’t matter that 99% of people are laughing, if that 1% of people that I gotta be fearful of– I mean, I listen, I just letting you know what it’s like behind the scenes of radio. Hey listen, hey I, love Q92, it’s not like they come down on me ever, they really don’t, but they don’t come down on me because I have toned down. But then when I do something, that would be considered a little bit off the wall– like, ya know, somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun. Or, you know, with the like I said, with the, the, the breastfeeding thing opened my eyes. It really did. Again. It was like 10 years all over again. And it wasn’t like the radio station– I didn’t get reprimanded at the radio station. But I know if the wrong person would have heard something then who knows… how things escalate? You know, I though looked at, uh, the Q92 fan page and it, it took me a couple of days because I didn’t feel like getting in to it. I didn’t feel like defending myself. Sometimes I’m sick of defending myself. It, I-I-I-it gets old you’ve been listening to the show for four years, if you don’t know who mo is by now I don’t know what to tell ya. So I just get sick of defending myself cause I take it a little personally. It’s like whatever. If you can’t figure out where I’m coming from that’s a you problem, that’s not a me problem. But a couple of days later I go on the Q92 fan page. I mean it, uh, and again, uh, you know how many people wanted me fired? Because I compared breast feeding in public to peeing in public. I mean, something so stupid like that. People wanted me fired. GONE! Off the radio. No more paycheck. Filing bankruptcy or whatever it is. On unemployment. Sell my car. All because of me trying to do a funny, uh entertaining radio show. See that’s the kinda stuff I gotta think about. That’s the kinda stuff. And it takes the fun out of what you do. To a point– now listen, I still love radio, I do. I love the job, I like being able to get my opinions out there. But, you gotta be fearful of somebody getting offended in this new world we’re living in where, where I mean you’re not allowed to goof on anybody. Don’t do it! If you have the audacity to pick on anybody you’re Satan is what you are. You’re an evil, terrible human being. Because ya goofed on– it doesn’t matter that we’ve been goofing on people since the beginning of time. And I’m not saying there’s not a problem with uh bullying sometimes. But I also think we are living in a sissy nation. And we talked about it a few weeks ago, the whole rise in suicides and everything else. People just don’t know how to handle things anymore. People take things way too personally. And it, it screws up people like me who’ve gotta get down here and do an interesting radio show. And trust me, every jock feels this way, every jock who does an interactive radio show like I do, a topical radio show like I do, a kind of a goof around show at times, takes a lot of phone calls. Going through the same thing I’m going through it’s just eh, it’s almost like, having a, uh, a quarterback like, uh, Tom Brady, and I know he lost yesterday but still. It’s like having a quarterback like Tom Brady and telling him he has to hand off a ball every time. When you know what he’s capable of if you would just let him loose. But you gotta hand off the ball every time. That’s the position I’m in. I know I could be saying or doing things that would be so funny and great and everything else. But I can’t do it because I don’t know what one person is gonna come out of the woodwork and call for my head. I don’t know. So, it’s just to the point right now where I just worry about my paycheck and money and that’s about it. And really I-I-it’s sick but it’s true. And I’m… text messages coming in, “Just like now Mo, comedian’s have to apologize for racy jokes.” Exactly! Um, “Sissy nation is an understatement. The world needs Prozac and a sense of humor.” Whew, I agree. Q92 MoRadioShow.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92.

Caller 2: Hey Mo. Hey, how you doin man?

M: What’s up?

Caller 2: Uh, the people who say that you go over the line, you should get fired, you should be like, alright, forget you guys then, I can make more money– cause you can, doing whatever you do, on go join XM or Sirius or something.

M: When I had the opportunity to [goes on talking about how difficult the radio business is]


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  1. I will never listen to Q92 again! He needs to loose his job….it is tastless and offensive to anyone with or without disablilities!

  2. Trisha (sister in law to kellies brother) permalink

    A HUGE shout out to everyone who has supported Kellie and did their part to spread awareness. Just goes to show you that EVERYONE is capable of being an agent for social change. You don’t need a degree or the designation of social worker or advocate–you need a passion for what is right and a voice. Thank you for being that voice!

    • You are absolutely right! I encourage everyone who has a voice and opinion to state it and stand for what they believe in. There are too many sad stories going around, it is nice to see a community backing a cause and taking charge for once.

    • Gigi , Kellies Mother permalink

      WEL SAID!

    • Jamie Ladue permalink

      I think people are blowing this way out of proportion…..this isn’t sad, really it’s sad people take offense at anything they possibly can……i bet every one of you have a laugh at someone elses expense once in a while, everybody does, the best ones laugh at the jokes about them, you guys are really just empowering what you think is so wrong, lighten up…….those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind, and before people get hateful i’m just giving my opinon, not trying to change yours…..and what would firing him do? Teach him a lesson? why so spiteful? What are we aloud to make fun of? Who makes the rules? Maybe there is a lot of people who thought it was hilarious, what’s so offending about it, she didn’t seem too perturbed…….Can we make fun of terrorists? Gay people? Just curious? And I highly doubt he will get fired just so you know I wouldn’t get too excited about that…..

  3. Clay permalink

    I work in radio and deal with these issues. I would urge everyone to (1) Work to get this guy fired (2) Make sure he and the radio station are severely reprimanded by the FCC in the form of fines. (3) Make it clear to any advertisers on that show how you feel. FYI: What Mo did was NOT “fair game” as stated by the station manager. True: if she had KNOWINGLY called a radio station, she’s fair game to be used on-air. Marginally-True: If Mo honestly BELIEVED she knew she called a radio station, he might be in the clear. However, it was very obviously a wrong number and he even aired the part where she states that she did not know it was a radio station…nor did she know who he was…it was a wrong number. The caller was not aware she was being RECORDED, let alone BROADCAST. In fact, if she had called Ohio from some other state, Mo may have broken Federal Wiretapping laws pulling that crap! If Mo doesn’t understand these simple rules, he has no business being in the business. Help get him out of it so he doesn’t recklessly misuse the powerful tool he has in his command right now.

    • Now where do we start to do items 1, 2 and 3. You work in radio…give us the lead!

      • Clay permalink

        Debbie – In reality, item 3 is the important one. Advertisers pay the bills. Organize protests, boycotts, petitions, email & social media campaigns…whatever you can do to get the message to them that their customers do not approve of them spending money to advertise on Mo’s show…or on that radio station…or any other stations owned by that company…however high up you can go, go there. Sponsors don’t want trouble. If they get uncomfortable (or better yet, if they get on your bandwagon with you!) they can put a lot of pressure on the station to make changes. You can look into item 2 at Good luck. I don’t know him and haven’t heard him, but it sounds like Mo shouldn’t be allowed to continue in this line of work.

    • Nick permalink

      I wonder how often a person with Down Syndrome calls radio stations? Is it fair to say that it doesn’t happen very often? What would have led Mo to believe in this particular circumstance that the person who called into the request line of the radio station was mentally-challenged? There was a medical expert who called in after Kellie’s call who couldn’t say that she was 100% sure the caller had down syndrome. She surmised that it could have been a speech impediment. When I listened to Mo playing the call…I thought she might have been a confused Asian. The fact of the matter is that he didn’t know if she was knowingly calling a radio station looking for someone or not, because he couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Anyone who doesn’t know her and listened to the call couldn’t figure out what she was asking for. I was surprised to learn that people with Down Syndrome have phones…not less are able to use them effectively. I would also assume they don’t have cars, weapons or anything else that should be used with caution. I could be wrong…if so…I would hope that someone would be helping them to use these devices. I’m guessing that she doesn’t regularly dial incorrect phone numbers. It could also be a safe assumption that Mo didn’t know she had down syndrome since I’d venture to guess he doesn’t get many callers who do. As someone who works in radio…how many of your callers are mentally-challenged…and of those callers…can you say exactly how many KNOWINGLY called you?

      • Katelyn permalink

        wow… there is so much inappropriate about what you just posted and I am going to chalk it up to ignorance. yes, people with developmental disabilities have phones, friends, jobs, and romantic relationships to boot! shocking I know to imagine they live their lives like everyone else (sarcasm). I don’t like that you are insinuating that Kelly should have had no reason to intentionally call the station had she wanted to- which she dis not. Kelly loves music and listens to the radio, if she wanted to call in and request a song for instance she has just as much a right as anyone else to do so and not be singled out for the sake of “comedy”. I mean really? Be serious.

      • Nick permalink

        Katelyn…it is ignorance. I admit it. I imagine you are much more informed about people with developmental disabilities because you know someone who has one…correct? For you to single me out and make fun of me because I don’t and am ignorant to their lifestyles isn’t very fair…now is it? I’ve been listening to the radio for 38yrs now…and I’ve never heard a developmentally disabled person call in to make a song request. I’ll just have to take your word that it happens…since you seem to be in the know. I wasn’t saying that she couldn’t call a radio station if she wanted. Certainly, she should be able to. I just don’t know how great of an idea it would be if the person on the other end of the call couldn’t understand a single word she said. Seriously. I still doubt she was singled out because of her disability…but more for her lack of speech clarity. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are in Mensa and can’t speak clearly. And if those people were to call into a radio show with a history of making fun of incoherent callers…they too would be targeted. What puzzles me is that she didn’t immediately hang up when she realized it wasn’t her friend’s number? She stayed on the phone and allowed a complete stranger to find out her name (assuming he could understand it), her location, and her friend’s name. Sounds dangerous to me.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Good try, but I neither singled you out nor made fun of you. You asked a direct question, and I gave you a direct answer. One does not need to know someone with a disability in order to know how to treat those with disabilities like they are human beings. It is alright to be ignorant. Everyone is ignorant about something, my only hope is that you may take away something you did not know before you asked your question. That is the purpose of awareness, to make people more aware of what they were once ignorant of.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Additionally, and I feel that this has been made clear time and again. Kelly thought she was speaking to the father of her friend. She had no idea she was on the radio or that Mo was messing with her on air. She was not made aware of it until the end of his conversation with her when he asked her if she knew she called a radio station.

      • Nick permalink


        Thanks for making me aware. Your sarcasm did make me feel a little singled out. But, that’s not the point. I’m glad that you agree that it’s alright to be ignorant. How many people out of 10 would you say know much about people with Down Syndrome (how they live their lives, whether they have phones, are capable to make phones, love lives, etc.)? Maybe 1 or 2? Is it then safe to assume that Mo might not have known Kellie had a disability when she called? Remember, you agreed that it’s alright to be ignorant about things like this. Would it then be fair to publicly bash a person for being ignorant about whether or not one of his callers has a specific disability? He should have known…because a few callers claiming to be Kellie’s family called into the show…right? I know you think he should just treat every caller with respect…and there are probably plenty of shows out there that do that. His particular show admittedly takes a different course to dealing with its listenership. It’s great that some people are reaching out to Deluca though…that’s got to make him feel great. I’m sure it’s the first time he’s felt relevant in months! I wouldn’t even had known he has a radio show if it weren’t for this blog. It’s no secret that he has an axe to grind! It just kinds seems that everyone is angry for some reason or another…and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to vent. I just don’t agree with the scapegoat…because Mo treated her just like he treats all pointless calls. That’s my 2 cents. I’ll bow out respectfully and let the hatemongers in here to continue their witch hunt…I mean awareness making.

      • Nick, I actually think a lot more than 1 or 2 in 10 people would be familiar with Down’s Syndrome. Regardless, people being ignorant (even if it is a majority) does not excuse the fact that your response was pretty inappropriate. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk. Do some research. Volunteer with disabled people. Google it. Something.

        And here’s my main point: I agree with you that Mo didn’t know she had Down’s syndrome at first, and I also agree that this could be something he’s never had happen before. But that DOES. NOT. MATTER. Whether the person calling in had a speech impediment or Down’s Syndrome, or any other disability… he was bullying a person who he knew called him by mistake. On AIR. Totally inappropriate.

      • A Realist permalink

        Hatemongers? Witch hunt? I swear to God, Nick, I wish I could bitch slap you across the face right now. If you’re ignorant–truly ignorant–then that’s one thing, and you should just keep your mouth shut. But you’re feigning ignorance for the sake of being contrary. You shouldn’t be allowed access to computers.

      • Nick permalink

        Realist, are you saying that “ignorant” people shouldn’t talk? Because that is sure to offend someone. Be careful what you say or I might report you to the news. Thanks for making my “hatemonger” comment accurate!

      • A Realist permalink

        You want me to be offensive? Fine: You’re an absolute blathering imbecile. You are someone who should know better, but are pretending to be ignorant in order to get a rise out of people. You are a troll of the highest order, and a waste of everyone’s time. There are decent people here, trying to do right by an innocent mentally handicapped girl. A girl who made the ERROR of calling a scumbag who would go on to take advantage of her. You know–an error. A mistake? An accident? I’m sure you’ve made those once in a while. You’ve made one by even being here.

        Your very this conversation does NOTHING. You’ve added absolutely zero to this topic, other than proving how oblivious you can truly be to the feelings and emotions of others. Trying to justify Mo’s actions shows how incredible cold you are to others’ feelings. You’re obviously the very definition of a sociopath. Your even being here sullies the good work, and kind words of everyone involved, and makes a mockery out of it. If you were truly ignorant, I could excuse it. But you’re not. You know exactly what you’re doing, and just attempting to incite more controversy by pretending to be ignorant and are just coming across as a pathetic loser.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Alright Nick, the only monger I see pervading this page is you. Excuse me if you’re offended by that, but you are in the vast minority on this page and your comments are quite derogatory in nature. In case you missed it, we (the family) are a bit busy right now truly to spread a message that will hopefully incur some real and positive change in this world, so why don’t you let us do that instead of badgering the people in support of this cause and misinterpreting every aspect of what ACTUALLY happened in these circumstances. Clearly, you are a Q92 fan. Fine. Be one. We really DON’T care. Carry on. That is your personal choice. But do not bring your condescension, ignorance, and baseless accusations to this page and think that your comments are doing anything but filling space, wasting your own time, and doing absolutely nothing to deter the overall force of this awareness campaign. You are one voice, we are many.

        Allow me to address you personally- not to be misconstrued as singling you out of course, but you did raise some particular points of concern and seemed rather pointed in singling out this particular conversation with me. So, let’s press on shall we?

        1) How many people in 10 do I think know about people with Down’s Syndrome?
        Well, not to completely blow off your question, but who cares how many people in 10 know? I am not the United States census, I do not regularly poll a stratified sample of the United States population in order to collect empty statistics to satisfy the purposeless questions of anonymous individuals. The better question here would have been- How can I learn more about Down’s Syndrome and the lives of people who live with it?
        The answer to that question is:
        I would encourage you to poke around the site and enlighten yourself a bit.

        2) Is it alright for Moe to have been ignorant of the fact that Kellie had Down’s?
        Of course it was, his ignorance is not the target of the family’s concern. What is the target of concern is his tactless approach to handling her phone call, the fact that he chose to air the call after it had been made and recorded in the studio, We don’t care that he is ignorant. We care that he shows absolutely no signs of compassion, empathy, or awareness of the fact that he is a grown man and should be held accountable for the things he says, does, and promotes in a public forum. Additionally, he was made aware of the fact that she did in fact have a disability. At that point, he could have chosen to bring awareness to the fact, and stop the constant berating and mocking of her speech. Being insensitive, he did not. THAT is what he did wrong. That is why we are responding in this way. He had every opportunity during the call to end it, after the call to ignore it, and after being made aware of her condition to rectify the situation. He did nothing except carry on as he planned to from the time he said to her, “so, I can make fun of you and you won’t know who to complain to if you’re offended.”

        3) Would it then be fair to publicly bash a person for being ignorant about whether or not one of his callers has a specific disability?
        Would it be fair to publicly bash a person who unknowingly called one of the least sensitive shock jocks on the radio? No. But, I also bring your attention to the fact the the family is NOT bashing Mo. We are bringing awareness to his insensitivity and hoping that he will make amends for it. As of yet, he has not. What the other people who find this story (and have an emotional response to it) say is their right and their opinion. The family wishes no harm to Mo, his career, or his financial stability. All they want is for Mo to acknowledge his insensitivity and work to make amends.

        4)He should have known…because a few callers claiming to be Kellie’s family called into the show…right?
        Um… yes. He wanted to know why her speech was incoherent, he was supplied with the answer from several people and he chose to ignore every single one of them and go on to say “I’ve talked with Down’s people… that’s not Down’s.” Okay, clearly he is not the expert he thought he was.

        5 )I know you think he should just treat every caller with respect…and there are probably plenty of shows out there that do that. His particular show admittedly takes a different course to dealing with its listenership.
        Sure he does, that’s his “angle,” and he can talk to people however he wants to when they call in. I could really care less, because that is more a reflection of the type of person he is than anything else. Also, it is “fine” (I suppose) for him to treat his callers that way and air their calls when they knowingly call in to his station. At that point, they know what’s coming. But in this scenario, Kelly did not know. He aired her call knowing that and it was entirely inappropriate.
        And before you go on about how “it’s his radio personality, that’s not what he’s REALLY like.” He wakes up everyday and does his job, portrays this personality, without question. He could choose not to, he could choose to treat people respectably and work good show that does not make helpless victims the butt of his “jokes”. He chose this career, he chose this job, and he continues to choose to live his life portrayed as an arrogant “shock jock”. As far as I’m concerned, that speaks more to his morality and personal ethics than anything “Mo the off air man” could ever portray to me in person.

        6)It’s great that some people are reaching out to Deluca though…that’s got to make him feel great.
        DeLuca has shown himself to be an honorable and respectable DJ. The family commends him from being a great support at this time and assisting our efforts by spreading awareness regarding the policies of Q92’s station manager and the type of radio they condone on the air waves. He has offered great insights to his own experiences with these individuals that have done nothing but bolster our efforts. We also would like to congratulate him on finding a way to have fantastic radio that he is proud to air to his fans- which are numerous.

        7) It just kinds seems that everyone is angry for some reason or another…and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to vent…I’ll bow out respectfully and let the hatemongers in here to continue their witch hunt
        Of course people are angry. This is an important issue to thousands of people. This is an emotional issue. This is a moral issue. There is nothing more important right now than encouraging love, tolerance, and awareness in this country. There IS too much hate right now. That’s why this is so meaningful for all of us. There is not one person with a bigger heart than Kellie Baker, and she was treated in this way. What hope do the rest of us stand?

        At this point, I feel I have thoroughly addressed all of your points of inquiry. I hope that you find my feedback insightful, and that you don’t use it as an excuse to belittle the efforts of this blog any further. Good evening.

      • Clay permalink

        Nick, I assume you were asking me: “As someone who works in radio…how many of your callers are mentally-challenged…and of those callers…can you say exactly how many KNOWINGLY called you?” I’m fairly certain that anyone who has answered a request line at a radio station for more than a day or two would have easily known she was NOT intentionally calling the station. He even acknowledges that during the call with her. So, game over…He cannot argue that he thought she was a typical listener calling in and “fair game.” The call was not live on the air, it was recorded and re-aired a few times…so he can’t argue that the whole thing unfolded on-air before he realized what was happening. This is clearly a case of piss-poor judgement. Putting all that aside…I’m not clear how this was interesting/funny/compelling content? Reading transcripts can’t convey how funny something sounds on the air, but a wrong number call doesn’t seem very funny…especially if it was really confusing and unintelligible. Ooooohhhhh…unless Mo thought it was hilarious to make fun of someone’s speech impediment! Or unless he really did suspect she was mentally-challenged and thought that made for a funny conversation! Who knows what the dumbass was thinking or if he even bothers to think at all?

      • Without question, this asshole of a Dj should fired. The station should at the very least be fined. What has happened to human decency in our society? Disgusting!

  4. christine permalink

    Ok so who is to say that all these people with disablities are not normal. First of all who is to say that us so called the normal people are the ones that r f****d up and not them who knows but all I can tell u is that us normies do more damange to our own kind then the ones with downs or adhd or any other medical condition. Let me ask everyone a question a normie a bi polar a downs person. If u r so much better then someone else what kind of air do u breath? Is it 24 k gold air. What color do u bleed? Last time I checked we ALL breath the same air and we ALL bleed the same color so what in gods name give anyone the right to do the shit we r all doing to each other. It is time to grow the f*** up and quit this shit. Good luck in ur situation.

  5. Bonnie permalink

    Mo should be fired for sure he makes fun of everybody that calls his station And it wasn’t like she wanted to talk to him she dialed the wrong number.

    • MO'S Father permalink

      you’re right. he does make fun of callers. they all know that, and yet continue to call in. he also has great conversations with listeners. he didn’t know this girl had down syndrone. if he did, he would have never aired the call.

      • Katelyn permalink

        HE KNEW SHE DID NOT CALL HIM ON PURPOSE! Are you seriously thinking that you are making a sound argument here?
        He knew from the beginning when she asked to talk to someone that clearly she wasn’t calling the station… how could you not?
        He asked her first hand did she know she called the station, and she said NO.
        He knew there was some sort of speech problem, impediment, Downs, it did not matter. He exploited her issue for the sake of comedy- comedy? It wasn’t even funny. It served zero purpose except for shameless mocking and teasing a person who “won’t know to call in and complain to if you’re offended”.

        The call should have never been aired. Period. It showed his tasteless “humor” and his insensitivity.

  6. Did you contact the station?

  7. Fran permalink

    Your obvious love and respect for your sister is beautiful. I wish her well, and I’m sorry she went through such an encounter. I hope everything works out for her.

  8. tasha levengood permalink

    Bless this family. Anyone who has meet someone with Downs Syndrome knows they are God’s most loving creature. These special people have the warmest hearts and smiles.

  9. Mandt permalink

    You are an awesome brother to stand up for your sister! If Mo gets fired, I wouldn’t be sad about it. What would make me sad is if he didn’t apologize to Kellie and felt remorse for what he did. That, in my opinion, is the biggest sin here.
    To Kellie, I am sorry that you were hurt. Just know that for every 1 person out there who bullies a person with some sort of diagnosis, there are a 10,000 of us who would stand up for you and defend you. You are a BEAUTIFUL girl (I love your hair color, btw), keep smiling, dancing and singing!

    To Nick: Do a quick Google search on Down syndrome and you would be surprised as to how much more people with Ds are like us than not like us (us meaning typical developing humans). I know I was surprised to find some of these things out when my daughter (who happens to have Down syndrome) was diagnosed. Then, spread the word so that people like Mo and those who shared the conversation, can learn a thing or two. While people with Down syndrome generally have a pleasant disposition, they also get angry, ticked off, sad, depressed, stubborn, etc. Like I said, more alike than different!

  10. Jack permalink

    I couldn’t read the whole transcript because I was just so sad imagining how she must have felt. Kellie sounds like such a nice person, I hope she can let it go and feels the sympathy people have for her reading this.

    Years ago, I worked with someone with Downs Syndrome, she was a good friend and co-worker.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Thank you Jack, I needed to read something positive and supportive. Thank you for your sincere empathy and concern.

  11. Carla permalink

    First of all I do have experience with people with disabilities, my own son is one and then secondly go to a Sprcial Olympic meet sometimes you’d be surprised by what you see!! Some do drive, have cell phones and actually get married and have kids. My son was married for 3 years to his high school sweetheart, they were together for over 10 years. She was in a wheelchair from CP. Just because they have disabilities doesn’t make them less people, they are human with feelings and wanting what everyone else wants out of life. Sit down talk they are smarter and have more compassion than so called “normal” people will ever have. They live thinking everyone is good and kind.

  12. Chelsea permalink

    “The station’s policy is to treat our callers and listeners with the utmost respect, professionalism, and sensitivity.” Great track record you’ve got going on that. What a joke.

    Read more:

  13. Richelle L permalink

    Nick, I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. She has called a few requests into 95.9. I will say she has NEVER been treated with that type of disrespect. Yes, she does receive speech and language therapy. Yes, she was asked to repeat herself. But, she was in no way, shape, or form ridiculed for her differences. Making fun of someone isn’t ignorance; it’s just plain mean. There was nothing saying he HAD to play that on the air, let alone repeatedly make a “game” of it.

  14. Danielle tindall permalink

    This was sad to read. Mo is an idiot who needs to lose his job for this. I support Kellie all the way for keeping strong. I hope she can pull away for his stupid comments and the callers that called in supporting him. He should have never made Kellie a victom of bullying. So what if she talked different or anything different for that matter. She is a human being who deserves to be treated fairly.

  15. Wow, totally glad Kellie has a strong family foundation. Very unfortunate that “Mo” is out there, but its so important to remember that racism comes in all forms. If some prefer ignorance thats cool too. Q92’s Mo knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Be careful how you treat others, it just may come back to…………….

  16. I feel so badly that this happened to your sister. I worked with teens with a verity of special needs in high school, including Downs Syndrome. It’s always frustrating to watch someone with a beautiful spirt become confused, or flustered in what for most people would be only mildly confusing. However, your sister has you and the support and love of all these people here. I don’t even know what to say about Mo, it’s so heartbreaking to know that people who can treat their fellow humans with such disrespect exist.

    You do have the power to affect change. In Portland Oregon a couple of DJ’s on 94.7FM said some really nasty and racist stuff on air. They were called on it by their listeners, the DJ’s were fired and the station went through this totally massive overhaul and became pretty awesome as a result. Even though I don’t live in Portland I listen to the station cause of how they treat their listeners, which is really well.

    Good luck and blessings!

  17. james permalink

    I read that whole thing and didn’t see one issue with what he said

  18. Mindy permalink

    It doesn’t matter if Mo knew Kellie had Downs or not. The fact is he chose to openly humiliate a person who clearly did not want to be broadcast over the air and never even had any intention of speaking to a radio station. The humane thing to do would have been to simply point out that she had the wrong number and ended the call. My son does not have Downs but does suffer from severe anxiety and is easily hurt. He has a speech impediment that can make it difficult to understand him when he gets very flustered. He is only 10 years old and he is picked on everyday and relentlessly bullied for being a “baby” since being away from his Dad and I causes him great heartache. He shows no shame in still lavishing us with hugs and saying I love you in front of anybody around. In fact just last weekend he was tormented for telling me I was beautiful in front of his friends. Why is this fodder in our society for ridicule? Why should people like Kellie and my son be made to feel as if they are the imperfect ones for being so loving and trust worthy? I have met Mo in person and he should be the last person rediculing any body. I have a feeling that he himself was probably bullied and in order to get over that……he turned into a bully himself who surrounds himself with strippers and porn stars and sits a bars nightly in order to make himself feel adequate.
    Kellie, YOU are the adequate one and he should be the person being pitied for having to stoop so very low to make himself look cool to the ignorant masses. I applaud you and your family for being so strong and turning out to be the bigger people in this story!

  19. Marsha permalink

    Kellie, you are beautiful inside and out!


  20. Jumbuck permalink

    Excellent attempt to cash in on your sister’s suffering.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Uh… how do you think anyone could possibly be “cashing” in on this? No one wants money, no one is called for his job, and no one is calling for the station to be shut down.

      As for Kellie, she asked us to do this, to “let them have it” because she wants and deserves and apology for what happened.

      Their insensitivity cannot go ignored, because the next person in this situation might not be so lucky as Kellie. Bullying is a gigantic problem right now, and ironically an issue that the station (other DJs of course) have been talking about on the air and encouraging people to end.

      Thanks for your opinions, but you clearly have no real insight to what’s happening here.

      • A Realist permalink

        It really is a losing battle with the ignorance, isn’t it?

  21. Phil permalink

    1) It’s Down Syndrome, not Down’s.

    2) Stop with your phony outrage. Volunteer at a nursing home or donate to a homeless shelter if you really want to help. Quit yapping like washwomen on a blog and pretending like you made a difference from the comfort of your easy chair. You’re lazy.

    3) The media is making this worse. How many actually heard the original radio show versus how many were exposed to it by being on TV news? The media LIVES to get you busybodies all beside yourselves. They’re professional trolls and you people bite like a school of hungry fish. Congratulations 🙂

    • A Realist permalink

      1) It can be either or. PotatOH, PotatAH.
      2) You have no idea what you’re talking about. Phony outrage? It’s not phony outrage. The only thing phony here is your little tough guy act. You wouldn’t be saying this to our faces. Regardless, having a heart, and being upset over an innocent person being ridiculed isn’t phony outrage. It’s called having human decency. Learn the difference. Oh, and WHEN Mo gets taken off the air…what are you going to say then?
      3) The family themselves, and a select few of us–WE contacted the media to ensure that there was awareness on this. To perhaps make it so that this doesn’t happen again. So, try again.

    • Katelyn permalink

      If you’re so ignorant to see that this message is not making a difference, please, allow me to reeducate you. This blog and Kellie’s story is being told, sympathized with, and sent over the air waves and internet to dozens of countries world-wide. Kellie is receiving support from people she can never really know and that is a beautiful, powerful thing.

      And you think it’s LAZY? Well would you like to take my job and deal with ignorant trolls commenting on the blog, because I can assure you, it’s been a constant job for me. Let alone shuffling phone calls and actively speaking with the media, and the people who are trying to help out the family. It’s pretty hard to carry on with life as normal, be productive at work, and get this level of awareness out to people. So before you carry on with how “lazy” this is. Why don’t you try it some time?

      The media is NOT making this worse. The media is spreading her story and the message that this was a problem that could have easily been solved by a little awareness of others and sensitivity- two things which the station seems to think are entirely unnecessary.

      Had the head of the station handled his business in a professional manner and take some responsibility for what happened, or had Mo do so, or made any sort of sincere apology, we would not have needed to turn to the media in order to get the word out and get a real response from him. He is a bully, he has been bullying the family the same way that Kellie was bullied on the air.

      And while that is really not the point, and we could care less how we are treated, we want to see some amends made for Kellie.

      But it’s pretty easy, and pretty “lazy” for you to read a blog and say that we are mishandling the situation because you have no f*ing clue what is going on behind the screen.

  22. The Media Sucks permalink

    Sorry but I blame the media the rest of her disgusting family for this. Yes she has a disability, but if you ACTUALLY listen to the call, neither the radio dj or anyone else would know what that disability is. He laughed because on the call you can not understand what she is saying. Without knowing her disability she sounds like she could be a drunken caller. Had the family and media made such a big deal out of this nonissue no one would have cared. By the family and media acting so irresponsible they are treating her more negatively than the radio dj himself. Kellie I am sorry for the media and your family mistreating you in this fashion.

    • A Realist permalink

      Why don’t you ask Kellie how she initially felt–on her own– without provocation from her family or the media? I’m sure she’ll tell you that she was upset and FULLY aware that she was being picked on.

      Damn, man. Surely there can not be this many stupid, ignorant people in the world.

      • A Realist permalink

        Oh, and furthermore–and this is important, because you seem to have glazed over this fact– it wasn’t only the initialcall that is the problem. It’s that HE CONTINUED TO MAKE FUN OF HER FOR THREE HOURS AFTER THE FACT! He KNEW she had Down’s. He was contacted by family members of Kellie’s, and received texts from friends saying that she had Down’s. He fielded a call from someone who said it sounded like she was either deaf ir had Down’s, and HE CONTINUED TO POKE FUN.

        THAT is the problem.

    • Katelyn permalink

      It is a little bit about the initial call as well, but overall “A Realist” is right.

      The station operates by screening their calls, people call in they answer and have a recorded conversation. They then decide which calls to air after the fact, air them, and make their show.

      Regardless of knowing she had a disability, he knew 1) she did not mean to call in to his station and 2) she had “some sort of speech impediment”.

      There is not way you could possibly argue that airing her call was some desperate attempt for him to get help “understanding” what she said. He was just doing it to be a jerk.

      Furthermore, arguing that he had no idea what she was saying is a moot point. He understood her- he carried on the conversation with her. He got her name, where she lived, that she was trying to call a friend, and that she REPEATEDLY tried to end the phone call because she was getting frustrated. HE KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. He even correctly said the name of the friend she was trying to contact on more than one occasion.

      So, thanks for stopping by.

      • A Realist permalink

        I’ve got yours and your family’s back here, Katelyn. And I will continue to do so.

        I’ve had this fight for the 30 years of my existence: blinded, ignorant people who have no idea what it’s like having to walk around with the constant worry of these sorts of things. They don’t know or understand the love that children with Down’s brings to your life. The patience. The learning and compassion. They couldn’t possibly fathom the undying need to protect these kids from harm that we have.

        I love my sister to death. I wouldn’t change her for the world. Maybe she has a harder time learning than others, but she’s changed me for the better, because at least I’m not like THESE insufferable fools.

      • The Media Sucks permalink

        Has it been said that for sure she was screened? If she had been then she would have known before ever making it on air. Sure what he did could be seen as distasteful. But it isn’t as bad as the media showing bleeding dead bodies every night or the reporters trying to force their way into Newtown for pictures just after the shooting. If she was hurt by his comments I do feel sorry for her. My biggest problem lies that by attempting to make this incident nationwide it is going to do her more harm than the phone call. Now for months she will be faced with people hovering over her like vultures because she has Down’s and misdialed a phone number. Instead of letting her live her life in a “normal” fashion she will constantly be reminded that yes she does in fact have a disability. The majority of people with disabilities just want to be left alone. The attention she is going to get will be overwhelming and hurt her more and it is because of her idiotic family members and the disgusting media that only cares about having a story and not about her.

      • Katelyn permalink

        I understand your concern, but it is misplaced. As a family, we all sat down and we addressed what Kellie wanted and what we thought we needed to do to make it happen. Kellie is more than pleased to talk to the media, she wants everyone to know how she was treated because she knows that she is going to be okay and she doesn’t want it to happen to someone else.

        I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to make that apparent to people on this blog.

        Kellie is not being hurt by this. Kellie is excited for the opportunity to make a difference.

      • Katelyn permalink

        And yes, she WAS screened. That is how the station takes in all phone calls. Anyone who has called in before knows that. That’s how he was able to easily splice together that one segment of her speech and re-play it 15 times.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Thank you, sincerely. I would have “liked” all of your comments if I could. Please accept my internet {hugs}

      • A Realist permalink

        lol…any time. 😉

      • Nick permalink


        So you are saying that the call “WAS screened”? Yet…you’ve said that Kellie thought she was talking to her friend’s father? Her friend (Kelly Ann Burkhart)…by the way…is 27yrs old. Kinda strange that she would think she was talking to her father. What’s MORE STRANGE…is she stayed on the phone after the screener said “Q92”? Does her friend’s father normally answer the phone “Q92”? Does he normally screen Kelly Ann Burkhart’s calls? I wouldn’t even be surprised to find out if her friend’s phone number is NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to the same number as Q92. I’m starting to think that this “accidental” call wasn’t so accidental. I hope the real media does ALL of their homework on this one…because I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of hoax setup by Deluca…who…after listening to the sound clip you posted is OBVIOUSLY a disgruntled former employee of Q92! And Realist…judging by your posts…you should know a whole lot about bullying.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Yes, Nick. The call was screened. Yes, she thought she was calling her friend, yes she thought the man on the other side of the phone was her father… Not really sure what response you expect me to have there…

        How do you know she heard the “Q92?” at the beginning? Were you the one on the phone?

        KAB, not that it’s your business, also has disabilities, so why wouldn’t it be a reasonable expectation that someone else would answer the phone in her house?

        No one said that the numbers were similar. Kellie found the number, and thought it was her friend’s number that she had lost track of… it was just a number, how was she supposed to know it was Q92’s number?

        I am disgusted that you would look at this story and see only subterfuge and conspiracy, that really speaks volumes about your character.

        I really have nothing else to say to you… You… yah.. Wow. I got nothing.

  23. Moes nothing 2 worry about its that dumbads deluca u should get off the air. Deluca tries 2 use the fact that he is on the radio n ppl think he is famous 2 get his fat ass laid. as far as moe goes he treats every1 equal, think of it like this first rule of life is no one is fucking special if no one is special then we r all equals. why cry because u felt disrespected by some1 did ur sister cure cancer or win a nobel peace prize? i doubt it so quit whining about not getting respect from some1 who is just the same as u n i. moes just a human being so what if his job is as a radio dj and your sisters is sitting on her ass watching soaps getting insulted by radio dj’s. wtf hapoened to this world 2 give us a generation of internet crybabies trying 2 shut down radio dj’s who wont have jobs in 10 years

    • Troof Hurts permalink

      Puncuation, grammar, and a dictionary are your friend. *This* is the type of fanbase The Mo Show attracts,people. Soak it up.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Agreed “Troof Hurts”

      I’m so enlightened that you know more about my sister-in-law than even I did. Wow, so interesting to hear about these soap operas and such…. fascinating…

      Why don’t we come back to REALITY now where the issue is not treating “everybody the same” especially when their idea of treating everybody the same is treating everyone like a piece of crap that means absolutely nothing in the world. Clearly, Kellie means something, Kellie is a special person, and she should not have been bullied like this on the radio.

      Clearly you live in a world where you only mean something if you are famous, and that makes me incredibly sad for you. Clearly no one cares about you the way that we care about Kellie, or you might have some clue about what is actually happening here.

  24. Susan permalink

    I am horrified by the lack of compassion (and maturity) demonstrated by this supposed professional. To engage in the exchange with Kellie as he did is bad enough, but to tape and replay it – then use excerpts over and over? Obviously a candidate for a bullying awareness session at the very least. The whole incident reinforces why I listen to public radio exclusively.

    Kellie, your politeness in dealing with this bufoon speaks for itself, you are one classy young lady.
    Keep the faith and keep smiling!

  25. Monica Minniear permalink

    Didn’t this DJ fool learn anything from the incident in England with the nurse at the hospital who committed suicide? Idiot should be fired. Nothing else. Just plain fired. Oh yeah, and hung out to dry as well. Kellie, you are priceless and that guy is a piece of crap.

  26. I used to listen to the Maxwell show on 100.7
    Mo is a wanna be Maxwell. He should have been gone years ago. He has no respect for anyone. I refuse to listen to that show and haven’t actually listened to the station in years. While scanning the radio I sometimes come asross it, this is not the first time he has made fun of someones voice, or disability. Years ago he would argue to callers, who would remind him their children were listening, that he has a night radio show and children shouldn’t be listening. (I would hear these comments while in the car driving home from basketball practice, with my children) and , yes he plays Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber. The kind of music popular with children. Q92 made a big mistake putting him on in the middle of the afternoon. Hes a Moron! He needs to go. Its time for Q92 to revamp their radio station. That station is going down the toilet I hear, and this is not going to help them. I am so sorry Kellie. So sorry that people can be so cruel and inconsiderate. I hope you get an apology, and the station decides its time to become more respectable and friendly. I’m happy to hear deluca is behind this and doing well. Wishing you the best 🙂

  27. Bottom line: Mo screwed up by trying to be funny. It didn’t work and he looks like an ass. His immaturity was exposed and he looks like a fool. They station’s PR person poured fuel on the fire by not owning the mistake and moving on. They didn’t apologize for anything. The translation of their statement is this: “We didn’t do anything inappropriate but you think we did and we’re sorry you think like that”. Bad move by the PR person.
    Mo is a jerk. He embarrassed himself and is trying to save face.
    Here’s my advice Mo: Say you screwed up. Say you were trying to be funny but you weren’t and say you’re sorry for taking advantage of someone who made an honest mistake and for taking your attention attempt too far. Say you should have just said “Wrong number” and hung up and gotten back to work. Say you shouldn’t have recorded someone without their knowledge or permission and say you would like to take it back and if you could you would do it differently. Say you’re sorry for embarrassing Kellie and you have learned a valuable life lesson. Then, thank the girl for her positive attitude and for teaching you something about life. Don’t have a tone of sarcasm in your voice or it will make it worse.
    Then refuse to ever bring it up again or let any caller hijack your show by talking about it, regardless of what side of the issue they’re on.
    It will take about 60 – 90 seconds to say and if done right it will never come up again.
    Then, move on.
    Or, you can keep trying to bury it without owning it and it will continue to grow bigger and bigger and bigger and turn into a national story and you’ll look like an even bigger ass than you already do.

  28. It’s really sad that there are people out there (and on here) that are actually sticking up for Mo the DJ. What he did is wrong plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s his “act” or how he runs his show or anything. Kellie called in by mistake…MISTAKE. Once it was obtained that the call was a mistake, end the call and move on. No “special treatment” there. Just common decency. But no, the call was recorded and then played back. Really? Come on now. Okay, so he didn’t know she had Down Syndrome. Okay. Not everyone deals with that on a daily basis. I’ll give him that. BUT! Yes, there is a “but”, he knew there was a problem. He even says something about Kellie having a speech issue. NOW he knows there’s a problem. Again, the call is recorded, dump it and move on. But instead he cashes in on her disability. Some of you people (and I use that term loosely because people have feelings it it doesn’t sound like you do) seem to forget that people with disabilities have lives and feelings. Some of you put down what the family is doing for Kellie. How can you? Are you there? When was the last time YOU spoke to Kellie? Do you know what she wants? Let me see…I’m going to say no mostly because you are on here bashing the family for what they are doing for Kellie. What right do you have to do that? If you don’t like what they have to say or what they are doing, why are you even here? Why say anything? You don’t want to support Kellie and her family that is okay. They understand that here are people out there that are….well, like Mo (trying to keep it PG) As for the media…yes, they can be stupid at time, asking dumb questions, showing dumb pictures, but, (yes, there’s that but again) they can be used for good as well. And in this case, it’s a good thing. It is quite obvious that the population as a whole doesn’t know that disabled people can live “normal” lives. (I use quotes because honestly, what is a normal life?) The media is getting word out that gosh just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean their life can’t be a full and enriching life. What is wrong with that? Sigh…it truly saddens me that there are people out there that are actually against Kellie’s family and what they are doing for her. It goes to show what kind of world we live in.
    Good luck Kellie and family. You are in my thoughts and prayers! And I truly hope Mo takes responsibly and apologizes to you.

    • A Realist permalink

      Seriously. Do these people honestly expect the family to just roll over and take it? “Oh, well, it happened. Might as well allow Mo to feel like he got away with it to allow it to happen again to others”.

      Absurdities all around. Fallacies.

      • Phil permalink

        Roll over and take what? He didn’t call her a retard or any other rude names. Nobody forced Kellie to listen to the three hours that he apparently discussed the phone call afterwards. The only reason this is a big deal is because the family made a big deal. A nobody radio DJ kind of sort of made fun of a person who sounded drunk that called a wrong number. Oh, the humanity.

        So what’s your end game? Do you want the man fired so that his family can suffer as well? What’s the lesson to teach Kellie there? “Kellie, because you can’t dial a phone number properly, a random man isn’t going to be able to put food on his children’s table. Yay!” Do you want the DJ publicly flogged? Do you want him to come on the air and read an insincere apology?

        I absolutely 100% guarantee you that if the DJ knew this girl had Down Syndrome, he would not of said what he said. Quit acting like he went to the Special Olympics with a megaphone and a “101 Insults” book.

    • A Realist permalink

      Phil, you’re a complete and utter fool. I’m not wasting another moment of my time on you. If you can’t get it, you never will. Or you just choose not to. Either way, you’re insignifigant, and not worth it.

      • Phil permalink

        So it’s okay for you to call me names? Hypocrite. I didn’t even sound drunk on the radio. You just wait. I’m going to get my family to start a blog about how mean you were. Then I can stop hurting on the inside.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Really Phil? Really? You’re going to be all huffy because you were called a fool?

        You came to this page, you expressed very clearly your ignorance of the situation and also of human empathy. If you don’t want to be called a fool, don’t dress up like a clown and walk into the room. You know what people are on this page for, you know how emotional it is for many many people, and still you make your comments expecting what exactly? A pat on the back? To “convert” some people? I have news for you, you picked the wrong page.

        If you have a problem with it, tough. Because you will get no sympathy here.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Further more, if you would actually- READ- the family doesn’t want Mo’s job, doesn’t want the station shut down, doesn’t want money, doesn’t even want this to be a legal issue.

        What do they want? They want the studio to take responsibility for their actions. They want a sincere apology for mishandling the situation, and you know what? They didn’t ask for it to be aired to the public. Kellie asked for Mo to meet her and apologize face to face.

        The goal of this situation has always been to rectify the situation and make amends for KELLIE. It’s not publicity, it’s not attention for Kellie or her relatives. It is about asking for someone to hold these people accountable for being decent human beings.

        It’s probably too much to ask for, considering you can’t even do it.

      • Phil permalink

        Katelyn, do you actually think I was serious? The fact that you are completely and utterly incapable of detecting sarcasm proves that you have no business judging anyone in this story.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Hey, I’m not blind to sarcasm, but it doesn’t change the fact that you went there with it.

        If you can be sarcastic about it, it means you don’t give a shit about it. So, as far as I’m concerned, you got huffy. You gave me attitude, and I gave it right back. Or is MY sarcasm too difficult to detect?

      • Phil permalink

        Katelyn it’s not about publicity? Really? This isn’t a family dinner. It’s an 8 million word blog on the freaking Internet! Of course it’s about publicity. You might be the most naïve person on the planet.

      • Phil permalink

        Nice backpedaling, Katelyn.

        You really should watch your language. Wouldn’t want Kellie to read this and get her feelings hurt because you use the bad word for poop.

        So far I’ve been cursed out and had to deal with vulgar language. If this DJ gets fired, maybe one of you two could take his place.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Hey Phil, I’m with the family. So, instead of acting like you have a clue, why don’t you wipe off your eyes and READ what’s in front of your face.

        Can’t say it any clearer than we already have.


        It went this far because the radio station handled every single step poorly from the initial phone call, to the family members calling in, all the way to the moment when Kellie’s father called the station manager and said, “Hey, what happened here?” And the station manager blew him off. All they have wanted from the get go was a conversation with the studio manager about what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. Apparently this level of adult communication is far too complex for Mo, Don, and the general listener ship that has been “supporting” Mo through this. The media was brought in because of Don’t inability to handle the situation professionally and actually deal with the family. They wouldn’t listen, we weren’t important enough, or loud enough or whatever. Well, they got the message now.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Perhaps you don’t know the definition of back pedaling… I haven’t back pedaled. I’m talking straight to you.

      • Phil permalink

        Apparently the DJ read some halfhearted apology on the air today. Congratulations. You win!

        But is it going to stop here? I seriously doubt it.

      • Katelyn permalink

        The only reason it isn’t stopping there is because there are further arrangements between the studio and the family. If that’s too difficult for you to grasp, perhaps you should take 2 minutes and go listen to it on Q92’s page.

        When all of the agreements are met between the studio and the family, you check back in with me and let me know if it meets YOUR satisfaction, Phil?

      • Phil permalink

        I’m quite certain I don’t care about what backroom “arrangements” are being made. My only interest is about what actually aired that led to this overreaction.

        Every week a different personality whose job it is to speak off-the-cuff and be edgy has some group of people who never heard of the personality brandishing their pitchforks over some comment because that’s just what they do. If people got paid for being outraged, there’d be a lot of millionaires on this blog.

      • Katelyn permalink

        I fail to see your point, and would like to make one of my own.

        This was not an over-reaction. This was a thoughtful response to a poorly handled situation. If is was an over-reaction it would have been more emotionally charged and we could have been banging down the doors of the media a week ago. This was an intentional, thought out, and objective response to a hurtful situation. The family sat down, asked Kellie what she wanted to see happen, and specifically made an agreement on how to move forward and how to turn this awful situation into an opportunity to spread awareness at the kinds of injustices that are perpetrated on individuals with disabilities. It happens all too often. Only this time, it happened to someone with a lot of support and a family that cared enough to get the message out. If this were something petty, a vendetta against Mo or the studio, we could have gone through lawyers and created a dramatic legal scene about it with the hopes of getting some money or something. But we didn’t. Everything that has been done has been done for the purpose of spreading awareness and trying to inject some empathy into a crass experience. Kellie was wronged. Kellie deserves the opportunity to know that that kind of irresponsible and hurtful behavior has consequences.

      • A Realist permalink

        Hey Phil….I take it back. I went to meet face to face with you. Let’s see if you have such bravado face to face with another man.

  29. David Ryan permalink

    Kellie you are so cool!

    • MO'S Father permalink

      Hi. This is Mo’s father. I listened to the entire phone call and what was said after the call on the air. i was doing everything possible to be objective and pretending that this wasn’t my son so i could form my own honest opinion. There is absolutely NO way my son knew that girl had down syndrone and was intentionally picking on her for that reason. He truly could not understand what she was saying and kept playing it over again to try to figure it out, and hoping maybe a listener could help him understand what she was saying. Numerous times Mo said he didn’t mean to make this sound like he was picking on her or making fun of her. He had NO idea she had down syndrone. He would NEVER have picked on her, or made fun of her if had known. TRUST me, i know. I’ve known him his entire life. I’m being extremely sincere when i say this. MO DID NOT INTENTIONALLY PICK ON AND PURPOSELY MAKE FUN OF THIS GIRL KNOWING SHE HAD DOWN SYNDRONE. Thank you and God Bless.

      • Phil permalink

        Stop with your common sense. The wolves are out for blood and they won’t be satisfied until they get it.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Your opinion really doesny mean anything at this point, well intented as it may be. he had every opportunity to listen the family who called in and said she had Dow.s and clarify with the listeners and or make some sort of brief apology at the time. he didn’t. He hung up on them and said, too bad she was fair game. Nothing can excuse him for that.
        If he we sincerely upset he would not have sat down on the air today and read out the email his manager sent to the family as his form of “apology”. It was insincere and everyone listening knew it. If he was so upset he could ha e said something more personal instead of sounded like a stubborn child in detention forced to recite his lines.

      • Kevin permalink

        To MO”s DaD:
        You only heard an edited tape of the phone call. Did you remember the call from the sister from WVA telling MO that Kellie was Down Disabled and to please quit with the call? Quit covering up for your son and maybe teach him that hes not some hot shot radio DJ that can disrespect people whatever their problem or trouble. He works at a 3rd rate station and acts like it too.

  30. Andrea permalink

    I just saw your sister’s story and immediately started bawling. Kellie is an amazing young woman with and has a great family and solid support system. It breaks my heart to hear how cruel this so-called adult was to her. I hope justice prevails and this disgusting excuse for man is fired as soon as possible.

  31. Phil, if you pay attention, the family doesn’t Mo the DJ fired. An apology is what is asked for. And you are right, at first he didn’t know Kellie had Down Syndrome however, family called and informed him that she did and Mo the DJ was rude to them and blew them off there for again, putting him in the wrong. Whether she sounded drunk or not, it was a wrong number that she called, he should have left it off air plain and simple. As for the insincere apology? Nah…a sincere one would be nice. Didn’t think that was asking much.

    • Phil permalink

      A forced apology is always an insincere apology. “Here, read this apology that was carefully crafted by our lawyers or you’re fired.”

      If the DJ felt he did something wrong, he would’ve apologized on his own.

      All this is going to do is make the DJ constantly doublethink every single word he says on live radio out of fear of…whatever this is…happening again. The watering down of America continues because one precious snowflake got her feelings hurt. Maybe Kellie’s family could teach her about speed dial.

      • Katelyn permalink

        No one asked for a forced apology. Everyone on his end keeps telling us that he is “emotional” about this, that it “upsets” him that it has gone this way. If that was true, he wouldn’t be forced to make a statement and he could have made it more sincere. Is it that difficult for him to speak like a sincere human being? Did he really need a full on script? Come on.

      • Phil permalink

        He’s emotional and upset because of you people and your witch hunt.

        I’m more upset that a 30-year-old can’t dial a phone. Thank god she was only trying to call a friend and not 911.

      • Katelyn permalink

        How are you so ignorant when the facts are in front of your face. And just so you don’t misinterpret me, I’m not calling you ignorant in a derogatory fashion. Ignorance meaning- The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

        There is no witch hunt. I’ll say it again: Not after his job, Not after the studio, Not after money. We aren’t attacking him and calling him names. We are asking that he take the responsibility for his actions and man up.

        And, YOU sir, are being more rude than Mo was in regards to my sister-in-law. You know NOTHING about her. So stop with your snide little remarks about her inability to make a phone call.
        It’s not like she misdialed, she had the wrong number in its entirety. Furthermore, she handled the call with as much kindness and dignity as could ever be expected. She was sincere, she was adult, and she had appropriate etiquette. Far more than you have displayed.

      • Honestly Phil, what is your problem? Are you really this rude and insensitive? or are you seeking attention? And please before you start jumping to some sort of defense, I’m not attacking you in anyway, shape or form. I’m asking a serious question here. For someone to be this insensitive to someone 1. whom he has never met and 2. someone with a disability beyond her control, it makes me ask….what is wrong with you? It’s one thing to attack the family but really? Attack Kellie?

      • Phil permalink

        Fair enough, YOU don’t want his job. But I don’t see you doing anything to calm down the teeming masses who do. Instead, you’re wasting your time cussing at me.

        By making this public you knew exactly what would happen. The busybodies of the world who live to be outraged will use social media to get together and try to get this man’s head on a stick while you sit back and pretend to be above it all. Well played, ma’am. Well played.

      • Katelyn permalink

        They are called unintended consequences, Phil, and the station brought it on themselves.

        Not to mention, he isn’t going to lose his job, we know that already. Don has built his business exactly the way he wants it. If he’s forced to fire Mo for some reason- the public or the FCC, it won’t make one bit of difference, he’ll just hire another carbon copy of him.

        THAT is why it was never about his job.

      • Phil permalink

        Belinda, do you really think Kellie’s reading this? I guarantee you the family cares more about this whole ordeal than she does at this point. Snowball out of control and all that jazz.

        Like I’ve already mentioned, the DJ read his apology on the air today. Why aren’t you people done now?

      • Phil permalink

        Katelyn, I’ll give you some advice. There’s nothing FCC-actionable about what the DJ said on the air. However, there is a rule about broadcasting phone calls without the other party’s permission. Generally, that rule doesn’t apply when people call in to radio stations, because the mere fact that they’re calling into a radio station is sort of an implied permission.

        In this case, the call was recorded off the air and the DJ absolutely knew that it was a misdial. THAT is a problem. This is the exact legalistic wording:

        “The Commission’s rule regarding broadcast of telephone conversations is set forth at Section 73.1206 of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 73.1206.

        Pursuant to this rule, before recording a telephone conversation for broadcast, or broadcasting such a conversation simultaneously with its occurrence, a licensee shall inform any party to the call of the licensee’s intention to broadcast the conversation, except where such party is aware, or may be presumed to be aware from the circumstances of the conversation that it is being or likely will be broadcast. Such awareness is presumed to exist only when the other party to the call is associated with the station (such as an employee or part-time reporter), or where the other party originates the call and it is obvious that it is in connection with a program in which the station customarily broadcasts telephone conversations.”

        Hit them in the pocketbook 🙂

      • Katelyn permalink

        Now who’s back-pedaling, lol? But, thanks for the information. The FCC can handle themselves.

      • Phil permalink

        Again, you’re showing your naïveté. The FCC doesn’t listen to every second of every hour of every day of radio that’s broadcast across the country. If one of you professional busybodies want something done, you’re going to have to pry yourself off this blog and file a complaint. And you have to file the complaint properly. You can’t just say “OMG a DJ said mean things to one of God’s special angels”.

        But you know everything about everything. Carry on. The DJ apologized, and this is so far beyond tiresome I can’t believe I lasted this long.

      • A Realist permalink

        Hey Phil….I take it back. I went to meet face to face with you. Let’s see if you have such bravado face to face with another man. Oh, and I’m completely serious.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Stop being so condescending. The FCC has already been made aware of the situation. Several people have contacted them, and the situation has been brought to the attention of several DJ Forums online. The word is out. Whatever happens happens at this point. But, as I stated, FCC intervention was never the intended goal of the family. I have made it quite clear what our focus is, hence, my dismissal of your advice about how to “hit them in the pocketbook”. We could care less.

      • A Realist permalink

        Yeah? And what are you “Nick”?

      • A Realist permalink

        Aw, did you delete Nick’s response? lol..shame.

      • It was so far away from relevance that I couldn’t keep it on here.

      • A Realist permalink

        Most of these naysayers are far from relevance. But fair enough. 🙂

  32. D. Lewis permalink

    Mo is pathetic. I cannot believe any intelligent person would listen to a show performed by someone like Mo. He knew he was dealing with a person who has a disability and he used that to taunt her. That is the action of a lowlife.

    I would love to see Anonymous go after this guy and out his true identity. I did not see it on the radio station’s website. What is he so afraid of? Being held accountable for the things he says?

    • MO'S Father permalink

      he didn’t do it intentionally knowing she has down syndrone. i’m sure of that. i’m so glad you think you’re so smart

      • Katelyn permalink

        Ignorance of the situation does not excuse his behaviors. If nothing else, it should have been a reason not to air the call in the first place. It was pretty clear in the conversation she didn’t know who he was, who she had called, and that she thought she was calling someone else. If that were the reason he replayed the call- thinking that was funny, okay, fine… not really my sense of humor. But, he didn’t replay the call because it was a miss dial. He replayed the call in order to mock her speech. Regardless of whether she had Downs or a speech impediment, it was highly irresponsible for him to air the call because at that point it becomes an attack on someone with a disability.

      • A Realist permalink

        Bullshit. Your son is only NOW sorry because of the backlash, and the fact that he might lose his job. Only NOW is he sorry. Save the bullshit for someone who wants to hear it. Maybe you and this Phil guy should meet up and talk. I’m sure along splendidly.

    • MO'S Father permalink

      no he didn’t

  33. Sad permalink

    What your transcript does not provide and somewhat misleads is that the DJ had a very hard time understanding Kellie. He wasn’t mocking her I’ve listened to the clip. You can’t tell what exactly what is going on. A drunk person calling, someone who has a speech impediment, lack of proficiency with the English language or someone like Kellie. At no point is he aware of her condition or what is going on. He has an interesting caller and goes with it. I understand the frustration and hurt of the people connected to this but was Kellie upset before the people around her told her she should be upset?

    She made a mistake. He went with it and some people, not all, got some entertainment value from it. Have none of you ever seen an embarrassing youtube clip of someone and laughed at it?

    This isn’t bullying. I’m sorry if her family feels bad, but this isn’t the DJ’s fault, I don’t know this Mo guy or what he does, but he wasn’t trying to hurt or bully her

    P.S. We all want to celebrate diversity until someone points out our differences

    • Katelyn permalink

      “He has an interesting caller and goes with it. ”

      Interesting? Nothing about the call was even remotely entertaining? During the call he was aware that there was a communication problem. He said speech impediment. Whatever. Even if it was a person with a speech impediment or someone with a more severe mental handicap, does that give him the right to air it and make fun of it? By the end of the conversation he was well aware the call was made in error. He could have made the decision to ignore the call and move on to someone else, but instead he targeted this call for the sake of his “comic gold”. THAT is what makes it bullying. She was defenseless. He aired her full name, where she was from… consider what would have happened to her if Kellie was not 30 years old. What if she were 10 years old and mainstreamed into school when this happened. Mo set a precedent to his listeners that it was okay to pick on someone who a speech impediment. What if she were some defenseless 10 year old who had to go to school the next day and be faced with further mockery and ridicule? This is the kind of unfiltered and careless behavior that leads to violence in schools, be it homicidal or suicidal.

      It was blatantly irresponsible and insensitive for Mo to make the decision to air her phone call. Period.

  34. Dear Mo’s Father:
    Please allow Mo speak for himself. He knows how to type and we all know he has opinions of his own (he broadcasts them everyday for all to hear). If Mo would like to have his view posted on this site he can do so himself.
    I will eagerly await HIS response.

    • MO'S Father permalink

      don’t tell me what to do. wouldn’t you defend your son if you felt the same way i do? think about it.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Defensiveness if a natural response. It’s fine, but you have nothing to evidence your claims. So, do they really mean anything to us? No. It’s just one more voice saying “He’s a great guy, he didn’t mean it, he didn’t know, he’s upset about it”. Okay, that’s all well and good that you all think that, but he hasn’t done anything sincere to say that himself yet. So, your defense, while well intended and possibly true, is empty words to us right now.

      • A Realist permalink

        That’s mature, Mo’s Father. Where’s my sarcasm emoticon?

      • I wouldn’t need to defend them. I’ve raised my kids with the confidence and backbone to do it themselves.

      • A Realist permalink

        It’s obvious, Mo’s father.

        We should lay off. Clearly, you raised a true winner here. Speaks volumes on your parenting skills. Father of the Year Award.

        I mean shit….we wouldn’t want to hurt MO’S feelings, now would we? If you feel this way about your “child”, imagine how the parents of KELLIE feel. You would expect them NOT to defend their child as if you are attempting to right now? Get a damned grip, old man. Your son is the NOT the victim here. Don’t try to make him out to be a martyr.

    • MO'S Father permalink

      hey realist. i’m so glad you know everything. i am positive, at the time he was talking to her, that he did not know she had down syndrone. even the lady that called afterword, and said she was in the field of disabled people, said she thought she might have down syndrone, but didn’t know for sure.

      katelyn, i will agree it isn’t right to pick on people. we live in a cruel world. it’s always been a cruel world. but i know my son wasn’t singleing out kellie because she has down syndrone and mocking her because of it. he truly couldn’t not understand what she was saying.

      • MO'S Father permalink

        keep in mind, scooter. we live in a world now where you are guilty until proven innocent. pretty sad, wouldn’t you say?

      • A Realist permalink

        I don’t CARE about him not knowing “AT THE TIME”. It’s every subsequent reponse SINCE THEN that’s the problem! Get that through your skull.

        If you’re expecting to turn around anyone’s line of thinking here, you might as well stop while you’re “ahead”. Your words are in the wind, jack.

      • A Realist permalink

        By the way…”guilty until proven innocent”? Are you listening to yourself? How about the “tale of the tape”? It’s all right there for the world to peruse what your son did. You raised a certifiable piece of shit, “sir”. There are the facts.

      • MO'S Father permalink

        hey realist, what’s with the smart ass comments? i didn’t call you names or question your fathering skills. why must you swear? you have to resort to that? you know, it’s not nice to call me “old man”. i want an apology.

      • Katelyn permalink

        Then he shouldn’t have aired the call. Seriously? How am I still making THAT point after all of this conversation.

        He WAS singling out Kellie. He aired her call. He knew there was something up with her speech and he aired her call. He made HER the butt of his joke.

        What is it unthinkable to not air the call and tell the listeners that he had a strange call that he couldn’t understand. Or… better yet, IGNORE it.

        I’m seriously tired of typing the same words over and over again.

        He messed up. There’s no defending that, he messed up.

      • A Realist permalink

        I’m not affiliated with Kellie, nor the family. I don’t care what YOU want.

        PS, I see what you’re doing. But I’m smarter than you, you see. Let me disintegrate your “argument” right now. You see, YOU didn’t accidentally stumble across this page (unlike Kellie, who accidentally called your son). You are fully aware of what you are doing (unlike Kellie at that time), and SHOULD understand the reprecussions of what you’re attempting to do. You are not someone with a mental disability or speech impediment who made a purely innocent error (unlike Kellie), and are now being made fun of for it. You are a (supposedly) fully functioning individual who is trying to justify the actions of a cruel sack of excrement, and FAILING, might I add. So, I’m sorry that you feel that you made a point. I’m sorry that you came to this blog. I’m sorry that you fail at even trying to defend your son.

        That’s about the extent of apologies you’ll get from me, sunshine.

  35. Been There, Done That permalink

    In the summer of 2003, this same radio station had a similar incident when a caller requested “Let’s Get Retarded” by the Black Eyed Peas. Complaints were lodged then and, again, the radio station shrugged it off. It appears to not only be an issue with their on-air “talent,” but also the management of this station.

    Eventually the DJ was suspended from the air for a few days in 2003… and after a quick Google search, it looks like he’s unemployed and doing a podcast from his home twice a week.

  36. You wrote the transcript, so you know Mo didn’t bully her. I am on the jock’s side 100%. He wasn’t even making fun of her. He was making fun of the misinterpretation of her words because she couldn’t enunciate what she wanted. He even apologized to her on the phone because he couldn’t understand her.

    You are being reactionary if you are making a fuss like he was trying to hurt her or illicit any ill will toward her. He obviously wasn’t.

    I understand your sister’s feelings were hurt, but you should explain to her that some people find it difficult to understand her when she speaks. You said in the article that he was making her feel like she is different. Well, guess what, she IS different. Most people don’t have Down’s Syndrome. Sometimes things hurt our feelings, but you just have to get over it, and move on. Don’t try to ruin this man’s life over your bruised feelings.

    • A Realist permalink

      Hey Dingus–they only want a sincere apology. They’re not ruining anyone’s lives. He’s doing it on his own just fine. Glad to see we’ve got so many sociopaths in this world.

      • MO'S Father permalink

        hey realist… what does “Dingus” mean? is that another derogatory remark? please explain

    • MO'S Father permalink

      thanx, jay. AMEN!!!

      • MO'S Father permalink

        i am done with what i have to say about this. everybody has a right to their opinions. so do i. this is my son. this is his livelihood. radio has been his passion since he was able to speak. he has done alot of good things in the years he’s been on the air. i’m not saying he’s perfect. who is? but i’m sure of this one. he would not have intentionally pick on and mock this girl if he knew she had down syndrone. PERIOD!!!!!!!

    • Katelyn permalink

      I have no more words. Ignorance, blatant ignorance all around. I am sick and tired of saying the same things over and over again and having people ignore the facts because they “don’t agree” or “don’t understand”.

      Support Kellie, or don’t support Kellie, but you aren’t doing any good starting arguments on this blog because the majority here support her and you just make yourself look ridiculous. That’s all. That’s all I have to say about it any more today.

      There are plenty of voices here supporting the cause that vastly overwhelm your feeble and loosely constructed arguments. I suggest you move on.

      • MO'S Father permalink

        katelyn, i m sorry for the hurt this has put on you, kellie, and the rest of your family. it’s not that i’m being passionless to all of you. i do understand your love and care for your family. i am the same way. Mo is my son. i love him. i will say it for the last time… he did not know kellie had down syndrone. peace and love to your family, and i hope you feel the same about mine. thank you.

  37. Is it too much to ask these jockeys and comedians to raise their bar of creativity? To raise their bar of what is funny? We can all thank The King of All Media – Howard Stern and ourselves of course for not dealing with this bullying head on years ago. Keep up the good fight advocates for people with disabilities!

  38. Meghan permalink

    Kellie and family – You are wonderful people. I respect you and your response to the ignorant actions of this DJ. This incident has created a dialogue about DS. Thank you for turning this into a teaching moment. Y’all rock!

  39. Katelyn permalink

    Alrighty, Nick. Thanks for re-invigorating me… I think I needed it.

    You say Mo didn’t understand “a word she was saying”… well, your own argument is disproved by the transcript itself. He understand most of what she said and he repeated it back to her. He also successfully stated the name of the person she was looking for, so clearly he could understand her to some degree. Enough so, that he could tell she was not intentionally calling a radio station.

    I think your understanding of the word “screened” is a bit flawed. As Don Peterson has pointed out, it is not in their business policy to answer the phone, “Hi, this is Q92, did you mean to call?” It’s not as if he asked her permission to air her call, or made it explicitly clear to her that she was on the radio until after the conversation was mostly done. Whether or not Kellie heard and understood him say, “Q92” at the beginning is not up for either you or I to decide with our respective opinions, but the fact of the matter is that when he asked her if she realized she called a radio station she said, “NO”.

    As for your publicity argument… what would be the purpose of this so called “publicity stunt”?

    For probably the 5,000th time in the last two days I will say again:

    At no point has this family been after Mo’s job, the station, or money. Ever. All they want is for the situation to be handled appropriately. It has been mishandled since the day it happened and the studio needs to take responsibility for that. They want awareness and they want the studio to admit their mistake.

    Now, above and beyond my general response to you, I am going to say something a little more direct.

    Your opinions do not count for anything here. This blog presented the facts. What I am telling you are the known facts. If you need clarity or insight, we can provide that. We aren’t spinning fairy tales, and we aren’t demonizing the situation. This is not a “witch hunt” which I have heard repeatedly today. This is a blog about awareness and insight to a situation that was entirely inappropriate and mishandled by individuals who should have had the professionalism to deal with it privately and personally. They did not. The family, with Kellie, made the decision to make it public for the basic fact that without this level of awareness from the local communities and media, the station was never going to take responsibility for the incident. That is why we are all here. They wouldn’t listen to us when it was small and private, and now that it’s big and public, now they are starting to show some signs of concern. Unfortunately for them, it is personal concern for themselves and they still are not taking the situation seriously. We are where we are because of the studio. This is not an issue that can or should just be pushed aside and ignored, whether or not you agree with that is irrelevant.

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