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My Sister was Bullied by a Radio DJ (Transcript Included)

January 29, 2013

Hello, my name is Alex, and I have an older sister, named Kellie.  Kellie is 30 years old, and can easily be described as the most loving, caring, and wonderful person I have ever met.  She sees the world very differently than most of us– without cynicism and with complete and utter hope.  To Kellie, each and every person is good, unless proven otherwise.  Anyone who visits her, no matter how frequently, is always greeted with a “Hi!,” an endless, gut wrenching hug, and a sincere declaration of love.  My sister is truly a beautiful person in both body and spirit whose outlook on life I can only hope to someday attain.  In many ways, I look up to her.  My sister passionately loves music and dancing and growing up I remember countless times that I would open her bedroom door to find her dancing and singing at the top of her lungs in front of the mirror.

You may wonder what makes Kellie so special, what makes her story different from any other big sister you or someone you know may have? Well, Kellie happens to have Down’s syndrome. If you know anything about Down’s syndrome you know that it is something that unique people, like my sister Kellie, are born with and will live with for their entire lives. Kellie, despite some hardships and challenges she has faced, has always persevered and been positive, friendly, and happy just being who she is.


This is my dearest sister, Kellie.

On Monday, January 21st, my sister was faced with yet another instance of feeling like she was different, or that the fact that she had Down’s syndrome made her somehow less than other people. On the 21st she accidentally phoned in to Mo’s Radio Show on the Q92 Radio Station based out of Alliance, Ohio, where her manner of speaking was rudely scrutinized and unapologetically berated by both Mo and countless individuals who were “tuned in” at the time.  Mo opportunistically exploited my sister’s imperfect speech through his radio show and made her an object of amusement for all of his listeners– including people that knew Kellie.

“No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.”

Anyone would have been embarrassed to be both accidentally aired on the radio and ridiculed for something which one has no control over. What Mo and countless listeners did not consider is what this experience felt like for Kellie. Kellie is self-conscious about her Down’s syndrome and has expressed her insecurity throughout her life.  Sometimes, she will ask, “Why do I look different?,”  and other times, “Why do I talk funny?”  When it comes with dealing with tough social situations, such as speaking with an unknown person when she accidentally dials the wrong number, she will fumble over her words out of general embarrassment that all people feel in such instances.  Most of the time, people will understand, at least to some small degree, and will deal with the situation with as much compassion and tact as possible.

When it comes to dealing with difficult emotional situations, Kellie processes her feelings very outwardly.  Everyone has an emotional range, and Kellie has the capacity to become so hurt that she will cry for days.  Being the epitome of an optimist Kellie trusts and assumes that everyone is trustworthy and kind.  When someone breaks that trust, it hurts her in a way that is far deeper and more powerful than I could ever understand.  I imagine it feels like the most intense betrayal or the greatest heart break I could ever experience. It is earth-shattering.

Knowing this, now considering the reality of what happened that January afternoon, try to understand the emotional pain, heartbreak, and confusion that my sister had to feel for the sake of public entertainment.  Undoubtedly Mo and the radio studio will continue to hold on to the argument that “the ‘host’ wouldn’t have aired the call had he known the situation in advance,“ that Mo “would NEVER do this with any sense of malice,” but what other sense could there have been in this situation? Mo himself stated, “You don’t know who Mo is? Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.” It was quite clear that Mo knew what he was saying and doing was offensive and inappropriate, but that did not stop him.

“You don’t know who Mo is?”


“Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.”

Whether or not the call was made from an individual with Down’s Syndrome, an individual with a speech impediment, or some foolish prankster looking for attention, the direction and focus of the aired conversations were centered on something that is hurtful and demeaning to numerous people. Essentially, it was entirely ignorant to air the call into live radio at all. The situation would have never escalated had the “host” simply said to Kellie, “I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re saying,” or “This is Q92, I think you have the wrong number.” Whether intentional or not, this experience was real and it caused a great deal of hurt to many people, not the least of all to Kellie and it should have never turned out this way.

Luckily for Kellie, she has a strong, supportive family to help her through this time. What I don’t want to see happen is Mo or another jockey like him believe it is appropriate when “somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun.” The next child or adult to become the focus of this cruel bullying may not be as lucky as Kellie. It could easily be someone who is defenseless to the act, someone who has no one to stand up for them—a child aired mistakenly on the radio who becomes an object of mockery and bullying at school or an adult with a developmental disability who lives alone in a group home. It is never appropriate to make someone who is different from you a bull’s eye on the target of your “humor”. We try to teach our children tolerance and love, but then what hope can we have for them to adopt this mentality when they can hear and see the adults around them blatantly ignoring the lessons they teach.

The Transcript

MoRadioShow Transcript: January 21st, 2013

The transcript provided to us was very evidently edited and “spliced” together as we indicate below. We know firsthand family and friends who were tuned in that said there was a two hour time span that is only accounted for with approximately the first 10 minutes of the recorded audio that the radio station provided us. There was more said, but, regardless of whether or not we ever receive that audio the damage was done and you cannot ignore the blatant bullying that was aired.  Here is what was given to us.  M represents Mo (the DJ on Q92) and K represents my sister, Kellie.

M: Q92.

K: Hello?

M: Hello?

K: Hi.

M: Hi.

K: Can I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart please?

M: You what now?

K: Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: OK I’m Kellie Christine Baker. I talk to Kel–

M: You what?

K: Ann Burkhart.

M: You what, the who, the where?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: Okay. I want to talk to your daughter. Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Eh, Uh… I don’t want to come across– obviously you have some sort of a speech impediment.

K: Uh…no, this my voice.

M: What?

K: This my voice.

M: It’s your voice?

K: Yes.

M: Well, it’s the– I’m just saying– Don’t get angry. Obviously I—

K: I’m not angry. I’m not angry, I’m not.

M: Okay.

K: I want to talk to my friend.

M: Are you from this country?

K: Uh, I live Strausburg.

M: You what?

K: I live Strausburg.

M: You live in Strausburg?

K: Yes.

M: Okay. And, and, and speak SLOWLY. What would you like?

K: I want to talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Boy, I’m having a real rough time here.

K: Ya try this again.

M: Ye– what now?

K: Hold on…I’m get

M: Huh?

K: getting frustrated right now.

M: What?

K: Never mind. I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You want to talk to somebody?

K: Yes.

M: Who do you want to talk to?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart?

M: (laughs)

K: Never mind.

M: Hey, I can’t– I, I, I — listen– I can’t understand you. Again I can’t be the first person to have told you that it’s tough to understand you.

K: Alright, never mind.

M: Alright?

K: I’ll see ya later ok, bye

M: K– Say it real slowly.

K: Never mind, never mind.

M: No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.

K: Okay.

M: Alright, you want to talk to— do you know you called a— [coughs]. Pardon me. Do you know you called a radio station?

K: No.

M: Oh yes, you called a radio station.

K: Oh yes I did, yes I did. I’m sorry.

M: Okay, yes, well now you know you called a radio station.

K: Yes I did.

M: Yes you did.

K: Sorry about that.

M: Yes you did, yes you did. Yes, you’re talk to Mo. Do you know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: You don’t know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.

— ends phone call—-

M: Q92- MoRadioShow. Gotta text message: “hey Mo, the caller sounded like the teacher from The Peanuts cartoon”. I, I, I‘ve, been tryin to figure out on the air what the person was sayin. I can’t figure it out. They wanted to talk to somebody, and…

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carry Ann?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I have no clue. I don’t know.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I’ve been trying to figure this out for ten minutes now.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Pardon me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Care to repeat that?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carrie Ann? I have no clue. No idea.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann Burkhart maybe?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) I have no idea. Who know– what would the… the uh, the caller said she didn’t have a speech impediment– she said it was her voice, but she had skipped words. Like, I asked her where she was calling from and she goes “I call Strausburg.” You know people talk like that? I dated a girl who was Arabic and she explained to me Arabic– how it works, like they– if we were to talk in Arabic it would be like “I go store.” Or, “I get dinner,” I mean it’s like really odd. Like how we speak, “I, I, I’m gonna go to the store,” “I’m gonna go make dinner now…whatever” it’s like she was explaining Arabic– it’s like that. That’s what she said, she’s like, “I live St— I, I, I live Strausburg” or “I Strausburg” and then I dunno, I kept asking her who she wanted to talk to?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who knew— Kelly Ann Burkhart? Possibly.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) ‘Scuse me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) Who? Who knows? (laughs) WHY? Why did you put me in this position? I don’t know what you’re saying– I apologize. New music on the way from Panic at the Disco—it’s new Taylor Swift and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It’s Q92 and Mo Radio Show.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92 Mo Radio Show [gives contact info]. Q92, Hello?

Caller 1: Mo?

M: Yes.

Caller 1: Hi, I’m uh, calling in regards to the caller that called in. That you said you couldn’t understand.

M: I tried really hard.

Caller 1: It sounds to me.. I’m in the medical profession–

M: Yeah?

Caller 1: …It sounds to me like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Nah, I don’t think so.

Caller 1: You DON’T think so?

M: No, I don’t think she had Down’s Syndrome.

Caller 1: It sound like she has maybe a little bit of a hearing problem. I’m not sure, her speech is… it’s not clear, but to me– I’ve been around enough —

M: Yeah.

Caller 1: Down’s Syndrome people to– And she does sound like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Like I said, I didn’t want to come across like I was pickin on the person. Now somebody just texted, the said that uh, “people that are partially deaf talk that way.” I’ve TALKED to people who are partially deaf, that sounded like a speech impediment. To me.

Caller 1: (laughs) It didn’t come across to me as that…

M: No?

Caller 1: Yeah, it does kinda sound like she does have some kind of hearing loss and um maybe a little bit of some Down’s Syndrome, so…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: That’s just my opinion.

M: Okay so, just– I didn’t know what the hell she was sayin. So, and then of course I’m sitting there goofing on it and I’m just waiting for it. I already got a stupid text message here, and all “Mo she sounds like she’s mentally retarded- Take it easy on her,” and ya know it’s like—

Caller 1: No…

M: Whatever.

Caller 1: No, I think she has Down’s or a hearing problem, so, that’s just my opinion– only because I’ve been in the medical field and I’ve heard people that way…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: So, okay?

M: Alright. Cool. Thank you.

Caller 1: Alright, thank you.

M: Yeah, bye.

I don’t know what to do in that situation. Like I want to have fun and goof around and everything else but I also don’t want to uh… I actually, I, I don’t want to have meetings. “What did you do on your show yesterday Mo?” And not that that happens very often, but, this whole thing! Hey I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, I go, I can’t even do radio anymore cause I’m so paranoid. I’m so freaking paranoid about what’s going to offend the person that I can’t even do a radio show anymore. I mean I couldn’t believe all the people that were offended by my breast feeding comments, a, a week ago. I mean I, I was astounded how many people where offended by that. It’s like, ya know– and then I gotta sit there and wonder: Oh, is the wrong group going to uh, come after me? I uh, this whole world we’re livin in man, you take the fun away from life, you really do. You take the fun away. You can’t even crack a, a tasteless joke anymore without people up in arms and offended and everything else. They come calling for your job. It really ticks me off– radio ticks me off lately. It’s like I, I, I gotta sit there and I’m walking on eggshells. And I’m still considered a controversial jock and I’m walkin on eggsheslls! 300 comments. People calling for my job because I was kidding around about breast feeding and compared it to public urination. People were calling for my JOB. My livelihood, cause I made a goofy, funny analogy. I can’t even do this job anymore because of that. Come in here and just tell you the news and intro and outro songs. There you go. It’s the way I feel lately. It’s just it’s it’s the way I feel lately. Stupid radio business. You don’t know what’s wrong, what’s wrong … hey, here we go, here we uh here too, “Dude, seriously get off it, it’s getting offensive.” Hey-Hey whatever, there ya go, see, I can’t peop– I can’t do a radio show anymore! I can’t do it. I can’t have fun anymore. Doin this job. I’m uh, Imma have a meltdown in about a two minutes. I gotta go. It’s Q92.

—Playback cuts out—

M: … Text messages coming in: “Hey Mo, calm down. You’re a great guy, if no one can take a joke they don’t have to listen to your show.” “Still love your show Mo.” “Mo don’t get discouraged people need to lighten up.” See I nee– you gotta understand something alright? I understand that. I totally get that. People do need to lighten up. You need to understand the context in which something is being said. What’s happening is this… all this anti-bullying, this… uh, PC stuff is ruining entertainment. I really believe that. It’s ruining entertainment. It’s ruining what I do… what a lot of people do. And ye— ya run into a dilemma… when you know what you’re capable of doing and… you just can’t do it. You, you can’t do it anymore. Eh-uh- it just– the, the, the radio industry just is what it is, man. You know what’s funny is back when I was younger and I got in to the business I didn’t care. I just did whatever I wanted. Now there was good and bad to that. The good was– it was FANTASTIC radio, and I know there’s plenty of people out here who love my show now and I greatly appreciate that, I really do. It means a lot. But, back when I first got in to radio it was damn good radio and I didn’t care and I went out and I did whatever I wanted and it was fantastic. But, the downfall to that is– you get fired. You get fired. So, when I was in my early 20s I didn’t really care too much about uh, my future, and money, investments, bank account, things like that. Now that I’m in my early 30… Yeah it kinda matters a little bit. Uh, Just a tad. You know, so that’s it, man, that’s all it is. So when you do something like I do and you want to go with your first instinct, you know, like the first thing that pops in your mind, you know it’s gold, you know it’s good, you know it’s gonna make 99% of the people laugh. Right? It’s gonna be funny. But there’s that 1% of people that are going to be very offended. And unfortunately in this business, I mean listen if you’re a comedian you gotta deal with the same thing. You’re doin a television show like Family Guy or whatever you do the same thing. The

difference is most of these comedians, like uh, Dane Cook and whatever, he’s a multimillionaire, he don’t care. He doesn’t have to care. He’s a multi-millionaire. Like a show like Family Guy or whatever, it’s a multi millionaire, they don’t care, they couldn’t care less if you’re offended. Multimillionaire. I have to care about that. So, I gotta take into consideration that 1% of people– it doesn’t matter that 99% of people are laughing, if that 1% of people that I gotta be fearful of– I mean, I listen, I just letting you know what it’s like behind the scenes of radio. Hey listen, hey I, love Q92, it’s not like they come down on me ever, they really don’t, but they don’t come down on me because I have toned down. But then when I do something, that would be considered a little bit off the wall– like, ya know, somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun. Or, you know, with the like I said, with the, the, the breastfeeding thing opened my eyes. It really did. Again. It was like 10 years all over again. And it wasn’t like the radio station– I didn’t get reprimanded at the radio station. But I know if the wrong person would have heard something then who knows… how things escalate? You know, I though looked at, uh, the Q92 fan page and it, it took me a couple of days because I didn’t feel like getting in to it. I didn’t feel like defending myself. Sometimes I’m sick of defending myself. It, I-I-I-it gets old you’ve been listening to the show for four years, if you don’t know who mo is by now I don’t know what to tell ya. So I just get sick of defending myself cause I take it a little personally. It’s like whatever. If you can’t figure out where I’m coming from that’s a you problem, that’s not a me problem. But a couple of days later I go on the Q92 fan page. I mean it, uh, and again, uh, you know how many people wanted me fired? Because I compared breast feeding in public to peeing in public. I mean, something so stupid like that. People wanted me fired. GONE! Off the radio. No more paycheck. Filing bankruptcy or whatever it is. On unemployment. Sell my car. All because of me trying to do a funny, uh entertaining radio show. See that’s the kinda stuff I gotta think about. That’s the kinda stuff. And it takes the fun out of what you do. To a point– now listen, I still love radio, I do. I love the job, I like being able to get my opinions out there. But, you gotta be fearful of somebody getting offended in this new world we’re living in where, where I mean you’re not allowed to goof on anybody. Don’t do it! If you have the audacity to pick on anybody you’re Satan is what you are. You’re an evil, terrible human being. Because ya goofed on– it doesn’t matter that we’ve been goofing on people since the beginning of time. And I’m not saying there’s not a problem with uh bullying sometimes. But I also think we are living in a sissy nation. And we talked about it a few weeks ago, the whole rise in suicides and everything else. People just don’t know how to handle things anymore. People take things way too personally. And it, it screws up people like me who’ve gotta get down here and do an interesting radio show. And trust me, every jock feels this way, every jock who does an interactive radio show like I do, a topical radio show like I do, a kind of a goof around show at times, takes a lot of phone calls. Going through the same thing I’m going through it’s just eh, it’s almost like, having a, uh, a quarterback like, uh, Tom Brady, and I know he lost yesterday but still. It’s like having a quarterback like Tom Brady and telling him he has to hand off a ball every time. When you know what he’s capable of if you would just let him loose. But you gotta hand off the ball every time. That’s the position I’m in. I know I could be saying or doing things that would be so funny and great and everything else. But I can’t do it because I don’t know what one person is gonna come out of the woodwork and call for my head. I don’t know. So, it’s just to the point right now where I just worry about my paycheck and money and that’s about it. And really I-I-it’s sick but it’s true. And I’m… text messages coming in, “Just like now Mo, comedian’s have to apologize for racy jokes.” Exactly! Um, “Sissy nation is an understatement. The world needs Prozac and a sense of humor.” Whew, I agree. Q92 MoRadioShow.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92.

Caller 2: Hey Mo. Hey, how you doin man?

M: What’s up?

Caller 2: Uh, the people who say that you go over the line, you should get fired, you should be like, alright, forget you guys then, I can make more money– cause you can, doing whatever you do, on go join XM or Sirius or something.

M: When I had the opportunity to [goes on talking about how difficult the radio business is]


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  1. This is sickening.. It reminds what happened to Jacintha.. Oz presenters apologized, cried on screen but it did not bring the girl back to life. Radio Presenters need to be more humane and not poke rude and cheap humor without knowing full well who is on the other side of the phone..

  2. Jim permalink

    He should be meditatively FIRED!!!! Someone post the radio address, mailing address and phone number for the radio station where he works. Complaints should come from all directions. He is a “Horses-Arss”!!!!!

  3. This is horrible. The first time i listened to that man , i never tuned him back in! I can’t believe he actually had the nerve to complain about the anti-bully campaign and about being PC. His excuse that he didn’t know she had Downs is stupid. He may not of known what she had, But obviously he knew she had speech difficulty and that usually means something is up. He should have some dignity, yes he can be funny and make jokes but not at people with disabilities. The life hey have is difficult enough, they don’t need more insensitive people making jokes at them. What really scares me is the people calling in and telling him he is wonderful and helping him joke about her. These people could have kids and be teaching those kids to be the same way or even worse. Everyone needs to open their eyes and see what they are doing to this world. People are born with diseases or develop them, do you think they need more burdens put on them? I wouldn’t wish a disease or disability on anyone, but I do wish they could experience a week in the other persons shoes. See how it feels to be teased!

    I hope people stop listening to Mo. Stop encouraging his degrading jokes. Why ruin another human beings day or week, maybe even their month? Jokes are not funny when they truly hurt another person. He should be ashamed of himself, and from everything he says, it looks like he is not.

    • Greg permalink

      Full contact info:
      Business Line: (330) 821-1111 or (330) 450-9250
      Address: 393 Smyth Avenue NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601
      Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00pm

      • A Realist permalink

        I think they took down his FB page. Or I got blocked for going off on him.

  4. Kellie, please don’t spend anymore time feeling bad about what that man did to you. Look past it and see how many people care about you. Look at all these comments and shares and see that you are important and beautiful! The only people that really matter in this world is the ones that care for you and support you. Here is a big hug from me!((hug)) Be strong and Happy, that is how you will show all the bad people that you are better then them.

  5. Here is every way you can contact the station, as well as the radio host’s social media pages:

    Request Lines: (330) 450-9292 or 1-800-743-9292
    Text number: (330) 269-9292
    Business Line: (330) 821-1111 or (330) 450-9250
    Address: 393 Smyth Avenue NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601

    Mo (radio DJ)

    • Hey patrick… I got your phone number too, wanna be put on blasy… IDIOT… It was a complete accident.. He had no idea and in no way was he personally attacking this woman… Man, people need to lighten up already…

      • accident my ass!!

      • A Realist permalink

        Hey asshole. As someone who has a sibling with Down’s, until you walk a mile, you have no idea of the hardships a family has to go through without THIS sort of unecessary bullshit to go through. Fuck off.

      • Katey permalink

        Thank You A Realist. My 12 year old sister has downs and although very high functioning, she still has to deal with stupid shit like this all of the time. People need to think before they speak

  6. TC Martindale permalink

    “…the, the, the breastfeeding thing opened my eyes. It really did. Again.” Not wide enough, apparently. I don’t know what was more nauseating, his behavior toward this poor girl or the self-pitying whine there at the end. Poor DJ, people are so mean to him! What a jackass. I think I’ll go look up this radio station and see if they have a message board…

  7. What you did to Kellie was unforgiving, shameful and uncalled for. You need to be treated rudely!!!She is a beautiful person inside and out and I only met her this past Saturday evening. When I saw her picture with this article I was astounded!!! You owe her more than an apology!!!

  8. i was lisenting that very same day and i knew by the sound and speech pattern there wasnt something right..i myself have a mentaly handicap child with a few other problems that make his speech hard to understand..MO thinks he is some type of god and its just reduculas!!!! i wanted to drive to the road jump in studio and slam his face into the glasss!!!! he acts like what he thinks is always right and what everone else thinks is wrong…well guess what MO we arent ur puppets

  9. Erica permalink

    I used to listen to Q92 all the time..but I never liked Mo! I always thought he was cocky and arrogant and this just proves my point abd reminds me again why I stopped listening!


  11. Mikky permalink

    Mo could hear the impediment and still bullied the girl and made fun of her, it appears by the transcript. Just to get a few laughs or to be more controversial? Remember the guy in East Sparta, Ohio, who also bullied a little girl who uses crutches to walk? What is the difference between that guy and what Mo? OH, they’re both morons, you say, so there is no difference? IMO, you’re right.

  12. If you don’t know Moe, or his radio show then you shouldn’t comment….. He had no idea and wasn’t personally attacking her based on her condition… Moe is genuinely a great guy, he had no idea and it could have been somebody screwing around… Totally not moe’s fault… That being said… It was a honest mistake.. i got your back on this one Moe…

    • melissa permalink

      he is an idiot. he does crap like this all the time and yes I used to listen until i got tired of hearing his idiocracy

    • Mo was notified 15 minutes after the call was finished, and he continued to belittle her on the air for the next 3 hours!!! So you can have his back all you want! He is a loser!! and if you think it was funny you are also a loser and deserve what life hands you!!

    • Andria permalink

      If Mo was really such a great guy, instead of humiliating her on the air, if he was sure if it was a prank or not, maybe, just maybe he should have gone off air, and gotten some idea of who he was talking to. It is clear from what little of the transcripts were provided that the woman he was berating and humiliating had some kind of learning disability! What if this had been a child? Would you still support his crude, undeserving bullying?

    • Katelyn permalink

      um, except that her sister and cousin called in and told him that she had downs and he hung up on them.
      so, nice try, but he knew.

  13. melissa permalink

    this is the same show if I recall who told a kid when he said he was being bullied that “this is what guns and knives are for” WHY would a radius. personality ever encourage a child to bring a gun or knife to school. not just the show, but the radio station needs to go away. I stopped listening a long time ago before they ever got rid of that other idiot! this station has NO tact and no respect for anyone

    • dustin permalink

      u think someone encouraged a child to bring a gun or knife to school and got away with it? your batshit crazy lady.

      • melissa permalink

        how dare u speak to me like that. I notified the FCC also who heard it themselves… so next time how about you keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about. this was a while ago before the rash of shootings

  14. Gigi Standiford permalink

    Hi, I Have the privilege of being this beautiful young ladiy’s mother… As much as I am appalled at what q92 has allowed to happen an my total digits for Mo.. He THRIVES on this kind of publicity! He is a jerk and takes pride in it!! Our family hope to raise awareness of people being bullied and hope to change at least one person on the way they think and react to people with disabilities….

    • Shelly L Haught permalink

      I stand behind you 100% Gigi! PLEASE give Kellie a great big hug from one of her favorite teachers from Carroll Hills!! Love you Kellie!!! Used to love listening to Q92 but I guess it is time to find another favorite radio station!!!! Shelly L Haught

      • Gigi , Kellies Mother permalink

        Thank You Shelly!! I will pass the word on to Kellie!!

  15. dustin permalink

    wow like no one has ever laughed at the wrong time.issue an apology and be done with this

    • Not an issue of laughing at the wrong time! It is an issue with badgering an individual for hours after knowing the facts!

  16. tiffany humbert permalink

    how do we get him fired?!?!? petition? im in! get ahold of me!

    • Hey Tiffany! Follow us on Facebook. When the time comes, I’m certain there will be petitions and more information posted on there. Thanks!

  17. Diana permalink

    uh, he was fired from a station in cleveland and one in Youngstown (I worked with him here) and was un-employed until Q92 picked him up…its a pattern and only a matter of time before he will be looking for a job again

  18. Tina permalink

    I have seen people leaving comments on his facebook page but they are deleted right away.

  19. I have filed a petition with the Whitehouse “We The People” section in regards to a radio station in Alliance Ohio (Q92) for exploiting an individual with Down’s Syndrome live and on the air. It’s disgusting and needs a response from the FCC Chair. I have started a petition that I’m hoping you will help by sending to all of your contacts. I am contacting as many organizations as possible. I need you to as well.

    The petition is here:

  20. Andria permalink

    This sickens me. In today’s society this is nowhere near acceptable! The poor me act at the end of transcript only helps to solidify the fact that this guy is a complete A**. After finding out that this woman had a learning disability, instead of issuing a complete and sincere apology he starts ranting about how it’s not his fault he was just having fun?! At the expense of someone he doesn’t know and who he doesn’t deserve the privilege of knowing in my opinion. This is sad and disgusting!

  21. I read this post and it broke my heart…I just posted a blanket response that I’m sending to as many organizations as possible. You have to sign the petition on the website or we won’t get a response. Please…PLEEASSEEE sign the petition.

  22. Tom Hawthorne. You say that Mo had no idea what he was doing. It doesn’t sound innocent to me.
    “M: Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.”

  23. I read this post and all I could think about was my own sister. Like you I have a sister with Down’s Syndrome. She is my yourger sister and the most loving and caring person you would meet. She nevery meets a stranger and all she has ever wanted to do is become a singer and become a cheerleader. She has become a Cheerleader through Special Olympics, but can’t carry a tune and I cringe everytime she tells someone she wants to be a singer and they laugh. I alway cringe at this point because my sister tunrs to my mom and says ” Mom why are people so mean?” and my mom responds ” Because they do not know GOD like you do” My sister then says ” I will pray for them”. I just know that she is always the better person. She does have hearing loss in both ears and it is very hard to understand her on the phone. So when I talk with her it takes patience and sometimes telling her to slow down, but no matter what she loves everyone. I will sign the petition too.

  24. John permalink

    This is Terrible, that the media can make these comments. If they had lived in the real world and met any downs syndrome people they would have understood. Unfortunately they will probably walk away as did the commentators in Australia. I am sorry to say it is a very sick society we live in nowadays.
    John UK

  25. Beth permalink

    I don’t think he should be fired for his original actions. He had no way of knowing. Somewhere in his head, he probably thought it was a prank, so tried to one-up the funniness. Having said that, he now knows the situation. He should be going out of his way to make sure that pain is as healed as possible within Kelly. He should of apologized publicly and MEANT it. I think we all can agree that this world IS too politically correct, and see where he’s coming from there, BUT this is not a case of being PC. It’s a case of being kind to our fellow men and women. His original actions shouldn’t get him fired, but his unwillingness to make the situation right is what’s losing him all respect in my opinion.

    • Mel permalink

      He had no right making fun of people that have speech inpedaments! Period.

    • Katelyn permalink

      Sorry to break it to you, but your assumptions are wrong. Calls are not aired live at Q92, they take in calls, record them and play them back. That’s why you only get to hear a limited selection. Mo carried on that conversation, acted like an ass, and then aired it for entertainment. Additionally, two of Kellie’s relatives- a cousin and a sister, called in within twenty minutes of airing her call and told Mo what was up and he hung up on them. He KNEW and he continued making fun of Kellie’s speech and allowing listeners to call in their opinions about what was “wrong” with her. He knew what he was doing.

  26. kelli permalink

    this is absolutely ridiculous that someone actually thinks that its ok to do this to someone !!! whether u have or dont have down syndrome ect……….. FOR GODS SAKE SHE IS A HUMAN BEING AND SHE DOES HAVE FEELINGS !!!! this absolutely broke my heart ………. o yeah and q 92 is a local radio station around my home town and from now on i will not be listening to this station !!!! i understand that its ur job to make jokes and make things funny but to make fun of someone because of the way that they talk …………. sounds to me that someone needs to understand what being polite means i mean come on didnt ur parents teach u about that when u were a child ??? i have a 12 yr old and a 6 yr old and they have both been taught that YOU DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE JUST BECAUSE THEY LOOK SOUND TALK WALK DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU !!!! HONESTLY IF CHILDREN CAN HAVE MANNERS Y CANT YOU ??? COME ON GROW UP !!!!!

  27. From what I read, this was NO mistake. He knew what he was doing and that she obviously had some kind of issue, he even addressed her speech, so prank caller or wrong number he STILL should have had the decency to STFU!! I agree, he IS a total jerk and he DOES thrive in it!! I hope he loses his job (again) as there is NO apology big enough to justify ANYTHING he said or did to her!! As for you idiots sticking up for him etc…, you are JUST as big an ass as he is!! Thriving on making fun of people with disabilities is just down right SICK!! Just remember…Karma IS a BITCH!!!

  28. kara permalink

    This is what “edgy” radio hosts do. This is where the term “shock jock” comes from. In this world, anyone is fair game. No one except for people who personally know this man could possibly judge how he truly is as a person. His job is to play a brash and offensive character on the radio. Mo is an actor playing a role as are all other disc jockeys. Of course he clowned around with your sister. His job is all about shocking the masses and creating controversy. I am seriously shocked that people don’t understand this concept!

    • Rebecca permalink

      I think plenty of people understand this concept all too well. Doesn’t make it okay or right to publicly humiliate someone and NOT expect to have backlash. But then again it’s exactly what this guy is looking for and hoping will happen… it’s what he thrives on. Sad life for him.

  29. This is not the first time he’s sounded like a jerk. He takes things to far and says things that are beyond outrageous. Not all disc jockeys act like him- and they shouldn’t. It was bad enough when he was on in the evenings.

  30. vigs permalink

    he is howard stern wannabe!

  31. mandy permalink

    this is complete bullshit i swear he has never had any remorse to those who are mentally handicapped or people having problems in life…all i got to say is that he aint nuttin but a miserable little fuck ! i really hope someone at the radio station reads all these comments and fires his ass

  32. A Realist permalink

    Did they take down his Facebook page? Every link to it here doesn’t work.

    • Katelyn permalink

      He shut it down because he couldn’t keep up deleting all the angry posts on his wall 🙂

  33. Rebecca permalink

    The bigger issue here is where was the show’s producer? No caller, on a radio show that generates content via callers/listeners would’t have a producer… ie someone who’s screening callers. That’s where the major blame should be falling. That being said, Mo’s pity party at the end was laughable in and of itself. Oh, poor me… I’m not a millionaire like Dane Cook or Seth MacFarlane. So, to be a “shock jock” in small town Ohio he decides to compare breastfeeding with public urination? And make fun of lovely woman with Downs Syndrome? And then cries “woe-as-me” and “folks just don’t have a sense of humor” or “people just need to lighten up.” Seriously?! You CANNOT make those statements in the same segment. Sorry. I don’t believe you. You can’t publicly offend large segments of the population and then go quietly about your day. Especially, with the various media outlets that exist for those “folks who can’t take a joke” to share their opinions, gane support, and rally to get you fired. Guess he didn’t learn anything from Don Imus or Rush Limbaugh. Being a public figure and earning your living from content you generate for a public audience you’re going to get feedback, good and bad. Hello? He’s been in this business long enough to “get it”. The best part is we can just tune Q92 out.

    • Melissa permalink

      Honestly, if he had any talent he would know how to be funny without making fun of people. Seriously, making fun of how a person talks is pretty much what a grade school bully does. Not a true comedian.

  34. Allie permalink

    I used to listen to Q92 and liked the morning show, but after listening to mo’s show wanted nothing to do with it. By the way, it’s NOT the first time mo has harassed and made fun of a person/persons with a disability. I listened to him make fun if autism for HOURS one night on the air. Mimicking their speech etc. when people called to ask him to stop, he harassed them as well. Someone needs to stop this man. He knows exactly what he was doing.

  35. A Realist permalink

    Where’s Anonymous on this one? Take down their webpage, Facebooks, Twitter, etc!

  36. Sick Of It permalink

    Please email down’s syndrome organizations. Q92 did this before in 2006 and has obviously not learned their lesson.

  37. Dusty permalink

    And this is why Moe is a piece of trash! The only good jockeys that station ever had was Deluca! And that station let him walk with Defranco instead of firing this scum! This is way I have not listened to that station since the day Deluca and Defranco left. Atleast they had class!

  38. Melissa permalink

    Have you gone to any of the local tv stations?

    • We have! We interviewed with Fox 8 news and They will be publishing a story on it tomorrow. We have also contacted local papers. You are encouraged to share this with any news story.

      • A Realist permalink

        Good to hear. Fox 8 sounded uninterested when I called them.

      • A Realist permalink

        You also need to get advocacy groups like MRDD and the like involved.

      • Melissa permalink

        Great to know! I don’t have any personal connections but figured this is the kind of story that the Cleveland stations would pick up. I shared on facebook and wish I could be involved by boycotting the station, but I’ve always thought that station was trash and have never listened to it.

  39. Sue permalink

    I am so sorry that Kellie was treated the way she was Mo is an idiot and should been put off the air long ago

  40. Allie permalink

    Well it sounds like mo’s past coworkers have commented on this too. Here’s a link about this written by DeLuca.(Ironically from the morning show i used to listen to on the station that I mentioned above)

  41. Heather permalink

    Mo should have to stand up for his actions just like anyone else (including the comedians that make public apologies) he crossed the line & made a bad choice & now doesn’t want to be accountable for his choice of actions, instead blaming the public, the radio station or the young lady. Time for Mo to man up & quit hiding behind his mic & take his ego to the ground & make public apologies & a personal, real apology to this young lady. Since he won’t, fire him & find a Joc that knows how to be a human being too.

  42. Mel permalink

    This is so wrong! He needs fired! Q92 needs shut down also. I was banned from there page for commenting and emailing them. My son is medically handicaped and this hits home. She is a beautiful girl and i hope you win!!! Big hugs Kelli:):)

  43. A Realist permalink

    Well, this is wonderful. I have contacted Fox 8 News, Action 19, and Channel 5 “News On Your Side”, and not a SINGLE one of them seems interested in doing a news story on this. I actually was told “Well, they COULD get more ratings by us reporting on them.” by one of the producers. Really? that’s the response? How about getting something into movement by bringing it to the attention of the masses? Also, yeah, I was blocked from Mo’s Show, but they seemed to have left my comment up on the Q92 page.

    • Katelyn permalink

      the family has had feedback from multiple news outlets as well as prominent advocacy groups. this is not going to quietly disappear.

  44. Tammy Maney permalink

    Kellie is one of my former students at the school where I used to be principal. She is a very well spoken, high functioning person. Yes, there are issues with some articulation as unfortunately is common with people with Down Syndrome. I am so sorry this incident occured. No one deserves to be treated in this manner, and most especially not someone who obviously made an honest mistake and just wanted to speak to her friend, another very nice young woman. Kellie, you are still very cool and always will be!

    • Gigi , Kellies Mother permalink

      Tammy I shared your comment with Kellie and yes she remembers you! Her graduation seach with your name thanking you still is hanging in her room! She was very touched to say the least with your comment. Thank You

  45. Linda Palmer permalink

    Im sorry you are upset. I feel bad you are upset But grow up. People get feeling hurt all the time. Give it a rest. When you are on the phone you never know if a person is screwing with you or truly has an issue. Wonder if I have a person who is disabled in my family? YES, Far more complex. My niece has acardi-Syndrome. My guess would be this was a set up form a money hungry nut job!

    • Katelyn permalink

      Just because you choose not to stand up for yourself and your loved ones is your choice. No one is on here boo-hoping, least of all Kellie. Kellie is strong of heart and determination and while she was hurt by this, the purpose is not to generate sympathy, it is to inspire change, increase awareness, and alleviate the hurt unnecessarily inflicting on individuals with disabilities. So, sorry if you think it’s unnecessary, but your opinions are ones that will never make a difference in this world.

  46. Olivia permalink

    Mo is a jackass. he did the same thing to a friend of mine who was interning at the radio station. publicly ridiculing him on the air and treating him like shit in general. he needs to be fired for shit like this.

  47. mike permalink

    I’ve personally heard him insult numerous people on his show and ask for caller feedback and when he doesn’t like their opinion or comments he either rudely cuts them off or hangs up but this time I agree the radio station should take action he’s not someone I listen to anymore and I wouldn’t want my children listening to the radio to hear either. I SAY END “THE MO SHOW”

  48. He cracked on me when I was in a coma back in October of 2010 from a motorcycle wreck. I have no fear to go and cut this piece’s penis off since the fat fuck can’t see it anyways. I might not be able to move that well but I don’t make death threats but promises that I will seek my revenge.

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