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My Sister was Bullied by a Radio DJ (Transcript Included)

January 29, 2013

Hello, my name is Alex, and I have an older sister, named Kellie.  Kellie is 30 years old, and can easily be described as the most loving, caring, and wonderful person I have ever met.  She sees the world very differently than most of us– without cynicism and with complete and utter hope.  To Kellie, each and every person is good, unless proven otherwise.  Anyone who visits her, no matter how frequently, is always greeted with a “Hi!,” an endless, gut wrenching hug, and a sincere declaration of love.  My sister is truly a beautiful person in both body and spirit whose outlook on life I can only hope to someday attain.  In many ways, I look up to her.  My sister passionately loves music and dancing and growing up I remember countless times that I would open her bedroom door to find her dancing and singing at the top of her lungs in front of the mirror.

You may wonder what makes Kellie so special, what makes her story different from any other big sister you or someone you know may have? Well, Kellie happens to have Down’s syndrome. If you know anything about Down’s syndrome you know that it is something that unique people, like my sister Kellie, are born with and will live with for their entire lives. Kellie, despite some hardships and challenges she has faced, has always persevered and been positive, friendly, and happy just being who she is.


This is my dearest sister, Kellie.

On Monday, January 21st, my sister was faced with yet another instance of feeling like she was different, or that the fact that she had Down’s syndrome made her somehow less than other people. On the 21st she accidentally phoned in to Mo’s Radio Show on the Q92 Radio Station based out of Alliance, Ohio, where her manner of speaking was rudely scrutinized and unapologetically berated by both Mo and countless individuals who were “tuned in” at the time.  Mo opportunistically exploited my sister’s imperfect speech through his radio show and made her an object of amusement for all of his listeners– including people that knew Kellie.

“No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.”

Anyone would have been embarrassed to be both accidentally aired on the radio and ridiculed for something which one has no control over. What Mo and countless listeners did not consider is what this experience felt like for Kellie. Kellie is self-conscious about her Down’s syndrome and has expressed her insecurity throughout her life.  Sometimes, she will ask, “Why do I look different?,”  and other times, “Why do I talk funny?”  When it comes with dealing with tough social situations, such as speaking with an unknown person when she accidentally dials the wrong number, she will fumble over her words out of general embarrassment that all people feel in such instances.  Most of the time, people will understand, at least to some small degree, and will deal with the situation with as much compassion and tact as possible.

When it comes to dealing with difficult emotional situations, Kellie processes her feelings very outwardly.  Everyone has an emotional range, and Kellie has the capacity to become so hurt that she will cry for days.  Being the epitome of an optimist Kellie trusts and assumes that everyone is trustworthy and kind.  When someone breaks that trust, it hurts her in a way that is far deeper and more powerful than I could ever understand.  I imagine it feels like the most intense betrayal or the greatest heart break I could ever experience. It is earth-shattering.

Knowing this, now considering the reality of what happened that January afternoon, try to understand the emotional pain, heartbreak, and confusion that my sister had to feel for the sake of public entertainment.  Undoubtedly Mo and the radio studio will continue to hold on to the argument that “the ‘host’ wouldn’t have aired the call had he known the situation in advance,“ that Mo “would NEVER do this with any sense of malice,” but what other sense could there have been in this situation? Mo himself stated, “You don’t know who Mo is? Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.” It was quite clear that Mo knew what he was saying and doing was offensive and inappropriate, but that did not stop him.

“You don’t know who Mo is?”


“Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.”

Whether or not the call was made from an individual with Down’s Syndrome, an individual with a speech impediment, or some foolish prankster looking for attention, the direction and focus of the aired conversations were centered on something that is hurtful and demeaning to numerous people. Essentially, it was entirely ignorant to air the call into live radio at all. The situation would have never escalated had the “host” simply said to Kellie, “I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re saying,” or “This is Q92, I think you have the wrong number.” Whether intentional or not, this experience was real and it caused a great deal of hurt to many people, not the least of all to Kellie and it should have never turned out this way.

Luckily for Kellie, she has a strong, supportive family to help her through this time. What I don’t want to see happen is Mo or another jockey like him believe it is appropriate when “somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun.” The next child or adult to become the focus of this cruel bullying may not be as lucky as Kellie. It could easily be someone who is defenseless to the act, someone who has no one to stand up for them—a child aired mistakenly on the radio who becomes an object of mockery and bullying at school or an adult with a developmental disability who lives alone in a group home. It is never appropriate to make someone who is different from you a bull’s eye on the target of your “humor”. We try to teach our children tolerance and love, but then what hope can we have for them to adopt this mentality when they can hear and see the adults around them blatantly ignoring the lessons they teach.

The Transcript

MoRadioShow Transcript: January 21st, 2013

The transcript provided to us was very evidently edited and “spliced” together as we indicate below. We know firsthand family and friends who were tuned in that said there was a two hour time span that is only accounted for with approximately the first 10 minutes of the recorded audio that the radio station provided us. There was more said, but, regardless of whether or not we ever receive that audio the damage was done and you cannot ignore the blatant bullying that was aired.  Here is what was given to us.  M represents Mo (the DJ on Q92) and K represents my sister, Kellie.

M: Q92.

K: Hello?

M: Hello?

K: Hi.

M: Hi.

K: Can I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart please?

M: You what now?

K: Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: OK I’m Kellie Christine Baker. I talk to Kel–

M: You what?

K: Ann Burkhart.

M: You what, the who, the where?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You what?

K: Okay. I want to talk to your daughter. Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Eh, Uh… I don’t want to come across– obviously you have some sort of a speech impediment.

K: Uh…no, this my voice.

M: What?

K: This my voice.

M: It’s your voice?

K: Yes.

M: Well, it’s the– I’m just saying– Don’t get angry. Obviously I—

K: I’m not angry. I’m not angry, I’m not.

M: Okay.

K: I want to talk to my friend.

M: Are you from this country?

K: Uh, I live Strausburg.

M: You what?

K: I live Strausburg.

M: You live in Strausburg?

K: Yes.

M: Okay. And, and, and speak SLOWLY. What would you like?

K: I want to talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Boy, I’m having a real rough time here.

K: Ya try this again.

M: Ye– what now?

K: Hold on…I’m get

M: Huh?

K: getting frustrated right now.

M: What?

K: Never mind. I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: You want to talk to somebody?

K: Yes.

M: Who do you want to talk to?

K: I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart?

M: (laughs)

K: Never mind.

M: Hey, I can’t– I, I, I — listen– I can’t understand you. Again I can’t be the first person to have told you that it’s tough to understand you.

K: Alright, never mind.

M: Alright?

K: I’ll see ya later ok, bye

M: K– Say it real slowly.

K: Never mind, never mind.

M: No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It’s a little game.

K: Okay.

M: Alright, you want to talk to— do you know you called a— [coughs]. Pardon me. Do you know you called a radio station?

K: No.

M: Oh yes, you called a radio station.

K: Oh yes I did, yes I did. I’m sorry.

M: Okay, yes, well now you know you called a radio station.

K: Yes I did.

M: Yes you did.

K: Sorry about that.

M: Yes you did, yes you did. Yes, you’re talk to Mo. Do you know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: You don’t know who Mo is?

K: No.

M: Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won’t know who to call and say you‘re offended. (laughs) Very good.

— ends phone call—-

M: Q92- MoRadioShow. Gotta text message: “hey Mo, the caller sounded like the teacher from The Peanuts cartoon”. I, I, I‘ve, been tryin to figure out on the air what the person was sayin. I can’t figure it out. They wanted to talk to somebody, and…

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carry Ann?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I have no clue. I don’t know.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: I’ve been trying to figure this out for ten minutes now.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Pardon me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Care to repeat that?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann? Carrie Ann? I have no clue. No idea.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Kelly Ann Burkhart maybe?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) I have no idea. Who know– what would the… the uh, the caller said she didn’t have a speech impediment– she said it was her voice, but she had skipped words. Like, I asked her where she was calling from and she goes “I call Strausburg.” You know people talk like that? I dated a girl who was Arabic and she explained to me Arabic– how it works, like they– if we were to talk in Arabic it would be like “I go store.” Or, “I get dinner,” I mean it’s like really odd. Like how we speak, “I, I, I’m gonna go to the store,” “I’m gonna go make dinner now…whatever” it’s like she was explaining Arabic– it’s like that. That’s what she said, she’s like, “I live St— I, I, I live Strausburg” or “I Strausburg” and then I dunno, I kept asking her who she wanted to talk to?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who knew— Kelly Ann Burkhart? Possibly.

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Who?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) ‘Scuse me?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: Come again?

(clip of K): I talk to Kelly Ann Burkhart.

M: (laughs) Who? Who knows? (laughs) WHY? Why did you put me in this position? I don’t know what you’re saying– I apologize. New music on the way from Panic at the Disco—it’s new Taylor Swift and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It’s Q92 and Mo Radio Show.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92 Mo Radio Show [gives contact info]. Q92, Hello?

Caller 1: Mo?

M: Yes.

Caller 1: Hi, I’m uh, calling in regards to the caller that called in. That you said you couldn’t understand.

M: I tried really hard.

Caller 1: It sounds to me.. I’m in the medical profession–

M: Yeah?

Caller 1: …It sounds to me like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Nah, I don’t think so.

Caller 1: You DON’T think so?

M: No, I don’t think she had Down’s Syndrome.

Caller 1: It sound like she has maybe a little bit of a hearing problem. I’m not sure, her speech is… it’s not clear, but to me– I’ve been around enough —

M: Yeah.

Caller 1: Down’s Syndrome people to– And she does sound like she has Down’s Syndrome.

M: Like I said, I didn’t want to come across like I was pickin on the person. Now somebody just texted, the said that uh, “people that are partially deaf talk that way.” I’ve TALKED to people who are partially deaf, that sounded like a speech impediment. To me.

Caller 1: (laughs) It didn’t come across to me as that…

M: No?

Caller 1: Yeah, it does kinda sound like she does have some kind of hearing loss and um maybe a little bit of some Down’s Syndrome, so…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: That’s just my opinion.

M: Okay so, just– I didn’t know what the hell she was sayin. So, and then of course I’m sitting there goofing on it and I’m just waiting for it. I already got a stupid text message here, and all “Mo she sounds like she’s mentally retarded- Take it easy on her,” and ya know it’s like—

Caller 1: No…

M: Whatever.

Caller 1: No, I think she has Down’s or a hearing problem, so, that’s just my opinion– only because I’ve been in the medical field and I’ve heard people that way…

M: Alright.

Caller 1: So, okay?

M: Alright. Cool. Thank you.

Caller 1: Alright, thank you.

M: Yeah, bye.

I don’t know what to do in that situation. Like I want to have fun and goof around and everything else but I also don’t want to uh… I actually, I, I don’t want to have meetings. “What did you do on your show yesterday Mo?” And not that that happens very often, but, this whole thing! Hey I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, I go, I can’t even do radio anymore cause I’m so paranoid. I’m so freaking paranoid about what’s going to offend the person that I can’t even do a radio show anymore. I mean I couldn’t believe all the people that were offended by my breast feeding comments, a, a week ago. I mean I, I was astounded how many people where offended by that. It’s like, ya know– and then I gotta sit there and wonder: Oh, is the wrong group going to uh, come after me? I uh, this whole world we’re livin in man, you take the fun away from life, you really do. You take the fun away. You can’t even crack a, a tasteless joke anymore without people up in arms and offended and everything else. They come calling for your job. It really ticks me off– radio ticks me off lately. It’s like I, I, I gotta sit there and I’m walking on eggshells. And I’m still considered a controversial jock and I’m walkin on eggsheslls! 300 comments. People calling for my job because I was kidding around about breast feeding and compared it to public urination. People were calling for my JOB. My livelihood, cause I made a goofy, funny analogy. I can’t even do this job anymore because of that. Come in here and just tell you the news and intro and outro songs. There you go. It’s the way I feel lately. It’s just it’s it’s the way I feel lately. Stupid radio business. You don’t know what’s wrong, what’s wrong … hey, here we go, here we uh here too, “Dude, seriously get off it, it’s getting offensive.” Hey-Hey whatever, there ya go, see, I can’t peop– I can’t do a radio show anymore! I can’t do it. I can’t have fun anymore. Doin this job. I’m uh, Imma have a meltdown in about a two minutes. I gotta go. It’s Q92.

—Playback cuts out—

M: … Text messages coming in: “Hey Mo, calm down. You’re a great guy, if no one can take a joke they don’t have to listen to your show.” “Still love your show Mo.” “Mo don’t get discouraged people need to lighten up.” See I nee– you gotta understand something alright? I understand that. I totally get that. People do need to lighten up. You need to understand the context in which something is being said. What’s happening is this… all this anti-bullying, this… uh, PC stuff is ruining entertainment. I really believe that. It’s ruining entertainment. It’s ruining what I do… what a lot of people do. And ye— ya run into a dilemma… when you know what you’re capable of doing and… you just can’t do it. You, you can’t do it anymore. Eh-uh- it just– the, the, the radio industry just is what it is, man. You know what’s funny is back when I was younger and I got in to the business I didn’t care. I just did whatever I wanted. Now there was good and bad to that. The good was– it was FANTASTIC radio, and I know there’s plenty of people out here who love my show now and I greatly appreciate that, I really do. It means a lot. But, back when I first got in to radio it was damn good radio and I didn’t care and I went out and I did whatever I wanted and it was fantastic. But, the downfall to that is– you get fired. You get fired. So, when I was in my early 20s I didn’t really care too much about uh, my future, and money, investments, bank account, things like that. Now that I’m in my early 30… Yeah it kinda matters a little bit. Uh, Just a tad. You know, so that’s it, man, that’s all it is. So when you do something like I do and you want to go with your first instinct, you know, like the first thing that pops in your mind, you know it’s gold, you know it’s good, you know it’s gonna make 99% of the people laugh. Right? It’s gonna be funny. But there’s that 1% of people that are going to be very offended. And unfortunately in this business, I mean listen if you’re a comedian you gotta deal with the same thing. You’re doin a television show like Family Guy or whatever you do the same thing. The

difference is most of these comedians, like uh, Dane Cook and whatever, he’s a multimillionaire, he don’t care. He doesn’t have to care. He’s a multi-millionaire. Like a show like Family Guy or whatever, it’s a multi millionaire, they don’t care, they couldn’t care less if you’re offended. Multimillionaire. I have to care about that. So, I gotta take into consideration that 1% of people– it doesn’t matter that 99% of people are laughing, if that 1% of people that I gotta be fearful of– I mean, I listen, I just letting you know what it’s like behind the scenes of radio. Hey listen, hey I, love Q92, it’s not like they come down on me ever, they really don’t, but they don’t come down on me because I have toned down. But then when I do something, that would be considered a little bit off the wall– like, ya know, somebody calls my show with a little speech impediment– I have a little fun. Or, you know, with the like I said, with the, the, the breastfeeding thing opened my eyes. It really did. Again. It was like 10 years all over again. And it wasn’t like the radio station– I didn’t get reprimanded at the radio station. But I know if the wrong person would have heard something then who knows… how things escalate? You know, I though looked at, uh, the Q92 fan page and it, it took me a couple of days because I didn’t feel like getting in to it. I didn’t feel like defending myself. Sometimes I’m sick of defending myself. It, I-I-I-it gets old you’ve been listening to the show for four years, if you don’t know who mo is by now I don’t know what to tell ya. So I just get sick of defending myself cause I take it a little personally. It’s like whatever. If you can’t figure out where I’m coming from that’s a you problem, that’s not a me problem. But a couple of days later I go on the Q92 fan page. I mean it, uh, and again, uh, you know how many people wanted me fired? Because I compared breast feeding in public to peeing in public. I mean, something so stupid like that. People wanted me fired. GONE! Off the radio. No more paycheck. Filing bankruptcy or whatever it is. On unemployment. Sell my car. All because of me trying to do a funny, uh entertaining radio show. See that’s the kinda stuff I gotta think about. That’s the kinda stuff. And it takes the fun out of what you do. To a point– now listen, I still love radio, I do. I love the job, I like being able to get my opinions out there. But, you gotta be fearful of somebody getting offended in this new world we’re living in where, where I mean you’re not allowed to goof on anybody. Don’t do it! If you have the audacity to pick on anybody you’re Satan is what you are. You’re an evil, terrible human being. Because ya goofed on– it doesn’t matter that we’ve been goofing on people since the beginning of time. And I’m not saying there’s not a problem with uh bullying sometimes. But I also think we are living in a sissy nation. And we talked about it a few weeks ago, the whole rise in suicides and everything else. People just don’t know how to handle things anymore. People take things way too personally. And it, it screws up people like me who’ve gotta get down here and do an interesting radio show. And trust me, every jock feels this way, every jock who does an interactive radio show like I do, a topical radio show like I do, a kind of a goof around show at times, takes a lot of phone calls. Going through the same thing I’m going through it’s just eh, it’s almost like, having a, uh, a quarterback like, uh, Tom Brady, and I know he lost yesterday but still. It’s like having a quarterback like Tom Brady and telling him he has to hand off a ball every time. When you know what he’s capable of if you would just let him loose. But you gotta hand off the ball every time. That’s the position I’m in. I know I could be saying or doing things that would be so funny and great and everything else. But I can’t do it because I don’t know what one person is gonna come out of the woodwork and call for my head. I don’t know. So, it’s just to the point right now where I just worry about my paycheck and money and that’s about it. And really I-I-it’s sick but it’s true. And I’m… text messages coming in, “Just like now Mo, comedian’s have to apologize for racy jokes.” Exactly! Um, “Sissy nation is an understatement. The world needs Prozac and a sense of humor.” Whew, I agree. Q92 MoRadioShow.

—Playback cuts out—

M: Q92.

Caller 2: Hey Mo. Hey, how you doin man?

M: What’s up?

Caller 2: Uh, the people who say that you go over the line, you should get fired, you should be like, alright, forget you guys then, I can make more money– cause you can, doing whatever you do, on go join XM or Sirius or something.

M: When I had the opportunity to [goes on talking about how difficult the radio business is]


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  1. kara permalink

    Has anyone taken the time to think that by re telling this story over and over you might be continuously embarrassing Kellie? If she is as sensitive as claimed, perhaps throwing her name and image around the Internet like she is oblivious might not be the best choice. just saying…

    • Gigi , Kellies Mother permalink

      Kellie is completely aware of what is going down.. She feels completely lucky and blessed to have so many people that care..

  2. Kevin Weilacher permalink

    Seriously….channel 8 wouldn’t do a story on this….
    They are always looking for stories…..
    Get ahold of Peggy….the I team reporter….

    • Thank you, we actually already met up with Fox 8 today. Emily Valdez is on top of it as we speak.

      • Not everyone we met is nice. Let God ( Jesus) be the judge. Trust & commit to Him your cause. Finally, God will give you justice.

      • Living a life of love is called by God(Jesus). So, continue to do so.

  3. Bobby permalink

    You know, the girl called the radio station by accident it seems.
    The DJ was put in an unfortunate spot. Do not get mad at him.
    And by all means, he doesn’t need to be fired and nobody should be calling for his balls on a platter.

    Everybody needs to calm their asses down, forget, and move on.

    • A Realist permalink

      Oh, fuck you. You’re an absolute idiot. And for trying to excuse or justify his behavior–a horrible person.

      • Also a horrible person for telling him to fuck off and call him an idiot. There, you guys are even.

    • Angi permalink

      Yes it was unfortunate but when he talked to a person who was in the medical field, he argued it and then joked about the situation after. He kept joking about it and playing clips. That didn’t need to happen.

    • Michelle Standiford permalink

      Oh really Bobby, let me ask you this. What if it happened to a relative of yours? I can almost bet that you would be doing the same thing that my family is doing. They are not doing this for free press, to get anybody fired or even money. What Mo did is not acceptable and is a form of bullying and that needs to stop. It seems to me that people who are on his side about this are people who do not care at all who they hurt, make fun of, or even talk about. I am related to this young lady and I am sure as hell going to do my best to support her and my family to get bullying stopped. My son who has no disabilities has been bullied in school and I stand up for him as well. I don’t care if you have a disability or not, nobody should have gone through what Kellie had to deal with when she made an honest mistake and called the station. What he did was just down right cruel and allowed it to continue. He knew full well it was not a prank call and hung up on numerous family memebers who called and informed him to back off that she had Down Syndrom. He hung up on them and continued to make fun of and mock her. Yeah that is something that will not be taken lightly by this family or any other loving caring family of a child out there.

  4. Mary permalink

    I stoped listening to him along time ago He is a jackass sorry she had to experience this with him:(

    • Tarra permalink

      I have heard Mo belittle countless.others as well and can barely stomach it to even hear his voice have to wonder just what kind of people the owners are to continually allow this verbal brutality to go on, they must be mindless idiots themselves. Get this idiot off the air.

      • Bonnie permalink

        I agree. Get him off the air.

  5. kara permalink

    What about negative comments? How will you explain those to her? While your intentions may be genuine, those of others are not. Your daughter is a grown woman, stop embarrassing and exploiting her to prove a point. How would you (and I am speaking about everyone drawing attention to her) feel if others were throwing your name and likeness around as if you were a charity case incapable of understanding what was going on?

    • Katelyn permalink

      Why are you defending Kellie? Kellie wants this story exposed. Kellie is a grown woman and treated as such. It is difficult for her to talk about, yes, it is still an emotionally sensitive area for her, yes, but you know what? You don’t know Kellie. She is strong, she is determined, and she does jot want this to ever happen to anyone again, so she is standing tough and pushing through this in order to increase awareness and turn this terrible situation into something positive. I sat in a room with her tonight and watched her playback the audio for local reporters. It brought tears to her eyes, but every time someone went to turn it off, saying “we understand, we don’t need to hear it all, its okay” she told them “no, I want you to hear it all”. She is an incredibly brave girl. She is undeniably strong, and confident that things will turn out alright.
      So, save your sympathy and concern. Kellie doesn’t need it.

      • Gigi , Kellies Mother permalink

        HUGS and Right on Katey

      • Trisha (sister in law to Kellies brother) permalink

        Couldn’t have said it better sis!

      • Kara permalink

        Then why doesn’t Kellie post a comment?

      • Katelyn permalink

        Because there is no reason for Kellie to be put in a position where she feels that she needs to defend herself from idiots posting in these forums. Kellie is behind the cause. She wants the word to get out, but she can’t do it by herself. It is her message, we are fighting the battle for her because people in ignorance seem to believe it is okay to blaim the victims of injustice. So, instead of wasting our time and resources you can either help spread the word or remove yourself from the topic. Either you are a supporter or you are a roadblock. Pick one.

      • kara permalink

        Let me make it clear. I DO NOT SUPPORT what you are doing. Why did it have to take this incident to spread a message? Why as a family member of a person with a disability have you all not been crusading all along through positive instances?

      • Katelyn permalink

        Why did it take this incident to bring out the awareness, well do you even have to ask? who is going to go out and start an unprecedented fight with a radio station? It is not as if Kellie is the first victim of this station and specifically this show- nor do I truly believe she will be the last. Why did it take this incident? Every event in history has had a precipitating cause. that is the nature of pur experienced reality, a cause and a effect. Why now? Because it takes ignorant people spouting their ignorance to generate a reaction as demonstrated by your last post and my present response.

        You don’t have to be a supporter, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as I told another in your cohort tonight, you are one voice, we are many and you aren’t going to be persuading anyone on this side that you are somehow “right.”

    • A Realist permalink

      Kara…you’re not a good person. You need to know that.

      • Aoife permalink

        You are disappointing yourself, there. If you’re going to get so worked up, at least keep the conversation mature and relevant.

    • Aoife permalink

      I completely agree, Kara. I think maybe bear in mind that there are a lot of overly emotional family members replying to you on here.. (Let’s take the username “A Realist” as a great example of this /facepalm) They’re bound to gang together and get a bit nasty with anyone who has an objective, rational opinion who isn’t out for blood.

      • A Realist permalink

        1) I’m not a relative of this family at all.
        2) I think maybe you need to walk a mile before you speak. Your ignorance is evident.
        3) If you can’t see why this wrong, then you don’t even have a fiber of moral human decency in your body.

  6. Alexis permalink

    I have a sister who is mentally challenged as well and she is also my older sister. I think it’s great you are being an advocate for your sister. People who don’t live with or aren’t close to someone unique do not understand how special and how different they process things. Fight for your sister, keep it up:)

  7. Trisha (sister in law to Kellies brother) permalink

    I’ve read posts from people stating that this is about money or getting Mo fired…..I’m here to tell you I was lucky enough to be invited to the family meeting that was held when they decided what they were going to do about this and NOT ONCE did EITHER of those things come up! The family is not interested in money. They are not even interested in Mo’s job…for all they could care he can keep it! They want awareness for ALL people with disabilities and they want human decency. Kellie wants a face to face apology from Mo. Not the demands of a money hungry family who “set” poor Mo up to exploit him or the radio show. And for those of you posting that Mo didn’t know…yes he did. He was notified by more than one family member that she had a disability and he continued replaying bits of kellies call for HOURS. This family is not exploiting their daughter. She is participating in what is going on because a week after this incident happened she has STILL YET to receive an apology. I personally spoke with the station manager and he said Mo didn’t know and wanted me to believe that he would never have intentionally done this, except he couldnt explain away the fact that before he ended the call he DID know so then the station manager shifted to the she was “fair game” cuz she called in tactic. We would NEVER have taken this public had they done the decent thing to begin with. They chose to humiliate her, they chose to not apologize for what they claimed to be a misunderstanding, and they chose to be arrogant. They underestimated a family that OBVIOUSLY knows who to contact to complain, even if their daughter didn’t.

  8. brandy permalink

    I used to listen to Q92 only when the morning show was with Deluca. I heard Mo one time and took an instance dislike to him. He was saying that all woman needed to be in the kitchen and in the bedrooms not out working. I think Mo should be let go for his rude comments to kellie. I have a family member with Downs and she is the sweetest person,and she loves everyone.

  9. Life delivers ups and downs to every individual at some point in there life! It is sad that a person not capable of standing up for themselves has to be the center of attention and ridiculed because they are not as normal as most think they should be! however this particular young lady is strong and knows that the person that made fun of her at the expense of ratings is not a good person! And to move on as suggested above is easier said than done when it is my child that is the butt end of the jokes!!!!! I am hoping that you never get to or have to experience the life that a MRDD child lives! She cant jump in a car and go when she wants, Cant go to a resturant of her choice when she wants, Will never own a house, a car, will not experience marriage, or children of her own, at the end of the day all she has is Mom, Dad, siblings, and friends, and then comes your pal Mo! and you can type here and defend the very person who tore her world to shredds in a 10 minute conversation and made her feel something that we have spent the last 30 years defending her from!! and that is hatred: A sick and undesirable feeling that is left upon someone by another individual that has nothing else better in life to do than to humiliate and bully a weaker person! Again for those who want to defend Mo that is your choice, But know this Mo knew what this situation was within 15 minutes of the original conversation and he made a decision to keep harrassing and replaying the conversation for laughs and ratings for the next 3 hours! That Bobby is who you are calling your hero and defending! You must be as upstanding as the person you are trying to defend!

    • Doug Alsept permalink

      It’s just incomprehensible that a grown adult would pick on someone such as Kellie like this. It doesn’t matter if he knew that she has a disability or not, he was out of line. Hopefully this story will garner enough attention to get this POS off the air. Hugs to Kellie and everyone in your family.

  10. You need to get some transcripts from when he used to be on Rock 104 in Youngstown to prove how disgusting he is, or get Rock 104 to get you some of the pictures he used to post on their website when he worked there. I never hear him mention any of the disgusting things he did on that station , and then from some of the things I hear him say on Q92, he would never lead on to let anyone know he was that type of a person. He would have women come into the station and take off all of their clothes and do some other ignorant things I wont mention. He’d make nasty comments and then post pictures of himself (which he is OBESE by the way) with these girls buckass naked in the station. He’s a hog!

    • Diana permalink

      Rock 104 was where I worked with him, I would avoid him everyday. He is overweight, not relationship material, never had a stable life. So I think he attacks others to make himself feel better. He was warned dozens of time for his behavior before he finally was fired, I was there the day the manager walked in and fired him in the middle of his shift. I was really shocked when I found out he was picked up by another station

  11. Diana permalink

    Who would be up to going to radio station and protesting Mo’s show when he goes on air?

  12. Nicholas permalink

    Just a random thought, but these radio stations usually have interns that screen all the callers before they’re put on air. Meaning, they definitely knew even before she was put on the air that she called the wrong number by mistake and that they could make fun of her on air for some ratings. B/c in the radio business it’s all about ratings, the higher your ratings, the easier it is to sell ad space on your show (at a higher cost). I know because I’ve called stations many times before (although i’ve never called q92, i don’t listen to a crappy station like that ^_^), and they’re always asking “what’s your name? where are you from? what do you want to talk about?” so that the jockey (i hate how he uses the term jock…like he’s trying to make himself seem cooler) can come in and say “alright we’ve got ‘blahblah’ from ‘blahblahblah’ you’re on with …”

  13. Melody Alexander permalink

    This guy should be pulled off the air! Anyone would have known had they took the time to ask what was wrong, but I guess had it been his sister, mom or child he might have.This is not the first time Q92 has done something like this. I work in this field and see this as VERY OFFENSEIVE and totally out of line. Nice way to get listeners… jackass

  14. Christine permalink

    Wow!! It called respect ya give it to every person if you can understand them or not!! Common courtesy …. It’s free and not everyone has to know who Mo is…. It’s an alliance radio station not New York!! This young lady needs to be proud of who she is…. And the radio guy needs to realize its not funny to degrate someone …

  15. Ashley permalink

    I’m a little torn about this. I agree this Mo guy went too far. He was heartless & tacky and I’m sorry Kellie had to go through that, but honestly, bringing more exposure to this situation might bring more harm than good. There are some opinionated individuals that would side with Mo, only making him more famous & controversial. With more opinions and more controversy comes more hurtful words and jokes at Kellie’s expense.

  16. Diana permalink

    Times Reporter picked it up and interviewed family

  17. Tim Collins permalink

    This time Mo needs to be fired, he was the one got in trouble before with the mongoloyd Mike stuff, not sure about the spelling, but if I am not mistaken he got suspended for it.

  18. Mike permalink

    MO NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

  19. Lina permalink

    You’re such a loving brother, Alex. Kelly is really lucky to have you as a brother. I hope the best final result for whatever you’re fighting for Kelly now. I hope Kelly will be strong always. I have no family with Down’s syndrom but I really really hate with any kind of bullism. Peope like Mo should have to be stopped. That’s all!
    Lina, Indonesian

  20. Christina permalink

    Well…luckily, I’ve been BLESSED by never having to hear this asshole on the radio. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t even have down syndrome, making fun of someone is completely ridiculous. We strive to teach our children about bullying, but yet put an asshole on the radio who plays music children clearly listen to…TAYLOR SWIFT!! Its unfortunate, that in todays society, everyone is so quick to judge and put everyone else as the topic of joke or ridicule. So I’m going to stop talking about him now…he deserves no more credit and no more time. NOW I’m going to say to the family and friends of this BEAUTIFUL girl, that I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused you. When my second daughter was born, they told me that she had down syndrome. It turned out to be false, but in that 2 weeks that we thought she had down syndrome I knew that there was nothing or NO ONE in this world that was going to tell me she wasnt beautiful inside and out. Hold your heads up and just know that there ARE assholes in this world, but I think I can speak for the majority when I say that she is a beautiful angel.

  21. This needs to get to every national media outlet out there. This pig, I hate to insult swine like this but this son of a bitch needs to be publicly chastized at the least and publicly flogged at best. Q92 be advised you will pay for this, your listeners are watching for your response and I assure you, your second rate station will not be played in this household EVER. People who want action to this, get every sponsor you know of, post THEIR name on this and other sites as being part of the problem by sponsoring this scum and Q92 will respond or cease to exist.

    • A Realist permalink

      Don’t insult sons of bitches like that either. lol

    • Michelle Standiford permalink

      I have been told that what Mo did is a form of bullying, and today I was also told that this could also fall under a hate crime issue as well. The radio station Q92 supposedly has an anti bullying campaign going on and yet they allowed this to happen on air between a prime time when kids are getting out of school and hearing this. Hatred and bullying is taught by actions of others. Parents actually teach their kids how to bully by their own actions to certain situations. Because it lasted as long as it did that is where it would fall under the Hate Crime statue. Any radio personality would have ended the whole thing once numerous family members called in saying she had Down Syndrom and yet he continued to degrate her and humiliate her on the air after she hung up.

  22. Alyson Ruggeri permalink

    I wonder how Mo would feel if he had a sister or brother with the same issue and someone that knew better did the same thing to him maybe he’d see things differently. Mo sounds like to me that he’s not a very bright guy if hr didn’t know better than that he obviously is a cruel cold hearted person.He needs help to u n d e r s t a n d just what he did and if he has any decency to apologize to Kellie. Really what a shame on him and everyone that took part in it with him you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  23. laura permalink

    Sorry for kellie and the family, younger sister:well written+way to stick up for family

    *Mo, I didn’t hear it but read the q92 transcript seems you stayed leagal throughout and not too scum- bag-ish…I still think you’re annoying as all hell on the radio + don’t listen very often. I don’t know you personally but saw you out for titties+wings last Sunday Even though I’m not a fan, I can say you do your job well and probably have enough fans without me anyway

  24. Jennifer permalink

    Wow I the ass whole. Yea he should get fried for that I m sorry u and ur sister had to go thought that

  25. Shelley Balderbaugh permalink

    Send this story to everyone you know and encourage them to call the station and it’s advertisers. Send it to advocate groups for the disabled. Send it to media outlets. This happened before in 2006. The station did not learn it’s lesson. Demand the GM take stronger action than he took the last time.

    Call Q92′s Request Line: (330) 450-9292 or 1-800-743-9292

    Text number: (330) 269-9292


    Business Line: (330) 821-1111 or (330) 450-9250

    Address: 393 Smyth Avenue NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601

  26. Fred Kroesche permalink

    We have even heard about this radio jackas down under in Australia, what a low life.
    We had a nationally known DJ who had a caller who had Down syndrome. He treated him with respect and invited him to call again, which he did several times. The DJ gained immense respect from the listening community even though many didn’t agree with his views all the time.
    It is obviously naive of me to imagine that we have progressed further in this day and age that we can show acceptance of others, including those with physical and mental disabilities, Some people are still so small minded that they can derive pleasure from putting down those with disabilities. So sad.

  27. Sarah permalink

    This makes me sick. Mo should have been fired a long time ago. Q92 lost the only professional dj’s they had a while ago. I remember about 3 years ago, I was listening in to Mo’s ignorant show….I will never forget this… His topic was comparing a teenage girl who had an abortion and a stripper. His thought was, “strippers are not whores, this girl who had an abortion is a whore.” I was in shock hearing this, so I called to voice my opinion and he called me every horrible name you,could call a women and hung up. I had never been so insulted in my life. This guy is a mess, that is why he is still on air. It’s like listening to a trainwreck.

  28. alyssa permalink

    This makes me sick. I was actually listening to this and was thinking how ignorant mo is. Its just rude and unnecessary for anyone to act that way. Im sorry kellie. But look at tje bright side. More people are on your side.

  29. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Totally unacceptable. Has he offered any form of apology at all?

  30. You just let those know that everyone is imperfect.. It is different that someone’s imperfection can be seen or feel. But the Imperfections in anyone’s life will not allow them to laugh at it.. ~~

  31. Angeliki permalink

    I am utterly appalled by this story. Here, on the other side of the pond, OFCOM would be all over this, fining Mo and the radio station for allowing an employee to behave this way at work. Not sure how you see this over there since I guess there is no regulatory body to complain to.
    Everyone has their own opinions, but when you are behind a microphone things change. This is not freedom of speech, this is capitalising on human pain and misery. There just wasn’t a right answer that the Kellie could give, to get in on the joke. If the person you’re playing a joke on is not laughing, and you carry on regardless, then you’re just a bully.
    The Q92 response that he didn’t know, is just ludicrous… What didn’t he know? That the caller had downs syndrome? That she had a disability? That she had a speech impairment? Yeah, actually, he did. And he chose to mock her on air about it. What ever it was, that was different about her should not be the object of ridicule.

  32. Chelsea permalink

    Mo doesn’t understand that the 1% is actually the loudest, most ignorant subset of the population listening and responding to his show, while the true 99% has enough tact not to acknowledge or credit his uneducated “opinions” with added attention. Unfortunately, now Mo has crossed the line and exploited the innocent with undeserved public ridicule. He needs to know that the world outside of his listener base looks a lot different, so let him feel the wrath of the real 99% on a scale equally as devastating as his ignorance-facilitated public embarrassment was to Kellie–let the 99% of the country weigh in on this: Associated Press, Cleveland (216) 771-2172

  33. cyndi permalink

    bye Mo

  34. Caila permalink

    Ok I just read this on fb. I grew up in canton Ohio for 19 years and I find this very disturbing yet upsetting for this radio station to act like that towards a human being!!! This radio host should be fired!!!

  35. Bequi permalink


  36. Brit permalink

    So sad to see that it is “okay” for Mo, a radio show, people in general, even people commenting here to think any type of bullying and un called for joking is appropriate in ANY situation. Then we wonder about suicides and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, social issues. How many movies, books and other media things are out there on bullying and how wrong it is? We are such a corrupt world.

    Your sister is beautiful and I hope her fun mloving self as described has not been completely affected by someone so ignorant to the stupidity of other people. She may have a “disability” of DS… But she has topped over the “disability” of stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and loss of respect for our neighbors and fellow human race.

  37. Nina permalink

    He is an idiot ! And and just a rude and nasty person !

  38. angie permalink

    This is about bullying…and mo is a bully! He’s obviously unhappy with his own personal appearance and his own scumbag existence…so he picks on people who can’t defend themselves! His show is obnoxious and so is he! I’m no longer a listener.I’m sure he don’t care he’s losing listeners, he thinks he’s untouchable. NO MORE MO! no q92 either!

  39. Johnny permalink

    Mo is an idiot ! Always has been always will be ! Short man syndrome is what he has

  40. Johnny permalink

    Mo is an idiot ! He has short man syndrome !

  41. @ Linda Palmer,,, A money hungry nut job ??? Shame on you & I’m not suprised one bit you don’t understand or feel the need to protect & defend public bullying by your posting,,,Maybe you need to read the whole story,,,I hope it never happens to your family,,,your name calling,,rude post says all we need to know about you,,our family don’t need anyones money,,but we do stand behind our family members,, with love & respect,,,,

  42. Nick permalink

    He didn’t discriminate against your sister. He is an “asshole” to ALL of his callers. Your sister was treated without discrimination…he treated her just like any incoherent caller. I listened to the show and literally thought your sister was Asian. It wasn’t clearly known she had a disability. Honestly, if I were in his shoes…I would have done the same thing. Not because it’s right or wrong…but because it’s funny…and he has a comedy show. He asked her if she had a speech impediment…she said “no”. Howard Stern made a guy with a stutter famous. Doesn’t anyone see the irony of someone who can’t speak English very well calling into a broadcast radio show? I’m sure you’re personalizing it since it’s your sister…but step outside of your shoes for a minute. He starts every show with a song that says “I like to go out and make fun at someone else’s expense…I’m an asshole”. I’m sure if he actually knew she had a disability…he wouldn’t have aired the call. Just a victim of circumstance.

    • It really doesn’t matter what it sounded like to you. It doesn’t matter if it started as a misunderstanding. He consciously made the decision to air the call and splice and replay sections in order to make her the focus of his ill humor. It was not aired live. He replayed the conversation on the air. Family called in, brought the situation to his attention and instead of handling it like a mature adult, he hung up on them and carried on like he had no idea what he was doing. He knew. He was told. He decided to carry on anyhow. Not a victim of circumstance, a victim of malicious intent.

      • Nick permalink

        Malicious intent seems kinda harsh to me. He didn’t call her seeking to make fun of her. She called him. He asked her if she had an impediment…she said “no”. So your stance is that he knew she was disabled even though she said in her own words that she no impediment? Also that he was supposed to trust that people claiming to be family members were actually telling the truth? I guess I could suppose it possible that people don’t call into stations claiming to be someone that they are not. I could also suppose that you’ve never made fun of anyone who is different than you…ever….not even once. I guess then I would have to suppose that Jesus wasn’t the only perfect person. If it were my family member…I’d be totally pissed at him. But I’d also share some responsibility for allowing my disabled family member to call a radio show that has a history of making fun of callers. Just sayin…

      • She doesn’t have a speech impediment, she has Downs syndrome. All she did was answer his question. And yes, I expect when someone calls in to a radio station saying “that is my sister, back off” that it is the fault of the station when they ignore it and progress the unnecessary mocking and teasing.
        He knew what he was doing, ergo intent. He knew or should have had the common sense to know that it was hurtful and belittling to an individual who had some sort of disability, and who identified first hand that she did not know she phoned a radio station, ergo malicious. He used her mistaken call and her imperfect speech for a radio show. I am not sure how much clearer the obvious nature of this experience needs to be made to you? Perhaps more plain speech. This asshat used my sister as the butt of his jokes for no good reason. He knew something was up, but it didn’t matter, he didn’t care, it was “comic gold”. He now has to deal with the repercussions of that.

      • Nick permalink

        That’s certainly one way to look at it. It seems like everyone in here is focusing on Kellie’s disability, except Mo. He made fun of her and aired her call just like he’s done to every single caller who’s called his show sounding incoherent and confused. Anyone who’s listened to him regularly knows that he makes fun of drunks who call in, telemarketers with the wrong number, people who disagree with his take, etc. It sounds to me this might be one of the few times someone has treated your sister just like they would have treated anyone else…good or bad…without discrimination. With the same sarcastic ridicule that any incoherent person should expect to receive for calling a show who’s theme song is, “I’m an asshole”. The fact that you expect a different result from calling into a show like that is mind boggling to me. As an African American man, it would be like me showing up at a KKK rally and expecting to be accepted with open arms. I don’t think I would call every news agency in town if they didn’t.

      • The difference is, if you went to a KKK rally, you would be doing that of your own will. Kellie had no idea she was on the radio, she had no idea who Mo was, and he used that as a reason to mock her he didn’t mock her disability, he didn’t mock the developmentally delayed community, he specifically targeted Kellie. He allowed her full name and hometown to be aired on live radio without her consent. There is no excuse for that.

      • Nick permalink

        “He specifically targeted Kellie”? Why? What is so different about her that he would target her as opposed to ANY incoherent caller he ridicules? If I were JUST to read the transcript that you posted…I might agree with your take that he maliciously targeted her and tried to make fun of her. The reason for that is YOU are able to understand what she was saying enough to write out that transcript! It’s safe to assume that’s because you are used to listening to her communicate. I listened to the call and couldn’t write out this transcript if you held a gun to my head! He might have allowed her full name…but it was probably because he couldn’t understand a single word she was saying. I honestly couldn’t. I couldn’t understand who she was asking for. I couldn’t understand who she was. I couldn’t understand why she was calling. I couldn’t understand more than 5 or 6 of the words she spoke. I really can’t blame Mo for not being able to either. You have a different perspective, because you can understand her. I can honestly see why he kept asking, “What? Who? Where?, etc.” He probably aired it because to him…it was some kooky caller who obviously didn’t speak English very well. It might be a good idea to add your sister’s friend to speed dial. Who knows what could happen if she were to call the wrong person who actually DID have intent to harm her.

      • Katelyn permalink

        IT DOES NOT MATTET IF MO DID OR DID JOT KNOW. The call was NOY aired directly, he consciously made the decision to air that call, in its entirety and make fun of Kellie. Have you heard me on here bashing Mo? Have I been calling for his job, no.

        The point, which you are still somehow missing is that he knew there was something off about the call, he knew she didn’t know wjobshe was talking to, and he chose to air it. Misunderstanding or not, he could have just as easily not aired the call. It was an inappropriate decision. End of story. Either help spread this awareness or don’t, but stop wasting my time of you aren’t going to listen to the words I am saying.

  43. J. W. permalink

    I know about people making fun of you. I was made fun of and know all about that. People and kids can be rude. Am glad that her family are a tight net family. He will be judged on that one day.

  44. Jenny permalink

    Mo has reached a new level of low! I stopped listening to Q92 a long time ago because of how unnecessay Mo’s comments were. He says that he can’t have fun or do crazy things but that is absolutely not true! He just goes the wrong way about doing it. You can have fun and get great numbers without speaking about almost all of the things he does. I listen to Elvis Duran and the morning show now on 96.5 and they do crazy things and have fun without the expense of hurting others. Usually it’s themselves doing the crazy things! I am so sorry that he has done this to you Kellie! Unfortunately he is such miserable person that he has to take it out on others. You are much more mature and kind then he will ever be. Do not let him discourage you! 🙂

  45. Kimberly permalink

    I agree with Nick. Not on the “I would do the same thing” comment, but about the fact that Mo treated her with the same rudeness he treats every one of his callers. That’s his gimmick. The “angry” radio host. I don’t know if your sister is treated differently by strangers who aren’t aware of her condition, but she was definitely treated as a normal, non-disabled person in this instance.

  46. Greg Dwyer permalink

    Yikes. This guy did a few bad things all in a row. He aired a call he shouldn’t have. Made fun of someone he shouldn’t have. And then, the worst part, didn’t accept responsibility for making the previous mistakes. Bad judgement, yes. But I don’t think he’s an awful person. He needs to be educated–especially since he’s in a position to do so much for the special needs community. I feel so bad for Kellie, but I know that this incident won’t change what a kind-hearted and trusting person she is. Trust me, he feels awful for doing it. He’s just not able to admit he bullied someone so helpless. Us DJ’s are always making questionable choices hoping for a laugh, and it can sometimes go horribly wrong. But a lot of times it goes incredibly right, and when it does, everybody has a laugh and maybe feels good. I hope someone explains to him the negative effect his initial treatment of Kellie and subsequent behavior will have on his reputation and fan base. . I hope this blog is the beginning of the healing. He deserves a chance to learn and recover, because he could be a great ambassador to the community, if that’s his desire. Just like Kellie doesn’t want to be judged on her looks, or her speech, this guy shouldn’t be dismisseed on this one, stupid, decision.

    • This isnt the first time mo has done something like this! He will do it agian and agian! He will not stop! He needs to be FIRED!!

  47. mo must go!!

  48. lori e permalink

    I have a step brother w/downs and i have also lost a son with it! they are the most pure at heart people you could ever meet! This makes me soooo angry!!! No excuses “Mo” Your laughs say it all!!! You need kicked to the curb! You need to be afraid of what you say (it’s called a consious) incase you didn’t know!!!

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